Over the past 30 years Robert Byrne has developed a unique and transformative style of yoga unlike anything or anyone else’s. This cuts right to the chase while maintaining lightheartedness. Simple, clear, fun and practical. You’ll go into areas in yourself where you’ve never been before and that need addressing for you to be where you’d like to be in yourself and in your life. This will take you to a position of I AM or a sense of Self-presence in yourself. This is the ultimate goal of all practices – Self-realisation or realising Self relative to everything else that you do in your life.

  • Spirituality is practicality.  Because in reality, it's seeing life as it is, and living accordingly.

    Robert Byrne
  • Inhale, exhale, you'll feel better.

    Robert Byrne
  • It takes a lot of effort to be normal - which requires no effort.

    Robert Byrne
  • Simple things, profound effect.

    Robert Byrne
  • If you're not breathing, you're thinking about living - you're not living.

    Robert Byrne

Yogareal Studio News

  • ConsciousnessRetreat_A3_final_w.gif

    Yogareal Retreat FINAL BOOKINGS and CLASS CANCELLATIONS 15th-18th July 

    A few spaces are still available for Yogareal’s In-House Consciousness Retreat this coming weekend, Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th July – don’t miss out! 

    Book at the studio or online! Check out Events for full details and booking.

    Finding it difficult to attend the entire retreat?  

    Partial bookings now available at $50 per session! 

    If you wish to attend part of the weekend, send us an email with the following information: 

    • Your full name 

    • Your mobile number

    • The program(s) you wish to attend 

    Partial bookings are subject to availability.

    The following classes/programs are cancelled due to the retreat:

            Friday 15th  

    6:30PM – 8:00PM            Beginners General (Alicia)

    Saturday 16th

    8:30AM – 10:00AM          Guru Gita (Scriptural Chant)

    10:30AM – 12:00PM          Beginners Yoga Course (Robert)

    Sunday 17th

    10:30AM – 12:00PM         Sunday Yoga (Robert)

    Monday 18th

    6:10AM – 7:45AM                Intermediate Yoga (Theresa)

    Classes will resume as normal from Rob’s Beginner’s Class at 7pm Monday18th July. 

    Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries. It would be fabulous to see you there, please join us for a truly wonderful weekend! xxEMAIL class changes retreat 16

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  • Website_TermFour_Blog.jpeg

    Term Four at Yogareal BEGINS THIS WEEK!


    • Tense Muscles?
    • Restless Mind?
    • Trouble Sleeping?

    Feel the best you’ve ever felt with a BEGINNERS YOGA COURSE!

    With the support of props and Robert’s innovative techniques, the body will open, extend, align and become strong.

    Learn how to breathe a full yogic breath, allowing you to sit back and observe your mind.

    Invigorating and Fun – Accessible for Everyone!


    A consistent yoga practice ensures everything stays balanced –

    so come as often as you can!


    We have some wonderful offers!

    This Term, 27th June to 20th August 2016

    Bring a friend who’s new to the studio…

    and BOTH you and your friend
    can each purchase the Yogareal New Student
    SUPER DEAL (usually for new students only)
    Book a Beginners 8 Week Course at $150 and gain
    for 8 weeks! !

    We also have our $25 INTRODUCTORY OFFER 
     NEW STUDENTS can practice UNLIMITED for 7 DAYS
    Experience Yogareal for YOURSELF! 
    We look forward to seeing you soon! xx
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Yogareal Courses ~ Term Four ~ 27th June – 20th August 2016

Access your inner fire this winter, and explore areas of yourself you have never been before.

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