Over the past 30 years Robert Byrne has developed a unique and transformative style of yoga unlike anything or anyone else’s. This cuts right to the chase while maintaining lightheartedness. Simple, clear, fun and practical. You’ll go into areas in yourself where you’ve never been before and that need addressing for you to be where you’d like to be in yourself and in your life. This will take you to a position of I AM or a sense of Self-presence in yourself. This is the ultimate goal of all practices – Self-realisation or realising Self relative to everything else that you do in your life.

  • Spirituality is practicality.  Because in reality, it's seeing life as it is, and living accordingly.

    Robert Byrne
  • Inhale, exhale, you'll feel better.

    Robert Byrne
  • It takes a lot of effort to be normal - which requires no effort.

    Robert Byrne
  • Simple things, profound effect.

    Robert Byrne
  • If you're not breathing, you're thinking about living - you're not living.

    Robert Byrne

Yogareal Studio News

  • Anzac-Day-Weekend-.jpg

    ANZAC Day Weekend

    Saturday 23rd April

    THE CHANT at Yogareal Studio!

    Join us and live musicians from Shanti Mandir for an evening of ecstatic chanting in uplifting company.

    4pm – 7pm

    Free entry

    Due to The Chant being on there will be no Guru Gita on this day.



    We are open as usual all weekend including ANZAC Day.

    We look forward to seeing you in class.


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  • Easter-2016-Timetable_post.jpg

    Happy Easter Everyone !!


    Good Friday 25 March: Vinyasa Yoga 9:30am
    Easter Saturday 26 March: Beginners Course 10:30am
    Easter Sunday 27 March: Sunday Yoga 10:30am
    Easter Monday 28 March: Beginners Course 7pm

    *Guru Gita and other classes won’t be on during Easter Weekend

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  • MG_7483.jpg

    Yoga Courses for Term Two START THIS WEEK!


    Over the period of eight weeks all main styles of yoga and categories of postures are incorporated. All of this will unfold in the context and understanding of the complete process of yoga. You’ll learn how to breathe a full yogic breath.

    The courses are always evolving with new work, new props, new awareness and this feeling of expanded awareness will stay with you for a number of days. And if you continue to attend class regularly, this feeling will stay with you ongoing. Creating references for new changes and experiences in your body  and in your life. Allowing you to connect to your vital energy. From here, the art of meditation will evolve and you’ll learn to sit back and observe your mind.



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Week Seven

Yogareal Courses ~ Term Two ~ 7 Mar – 30 Apr 2016

Just because your moving doesn’t mean you are alive… Ignite your energy & feel the best you’ve ever felt!

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