Yogareal Yoga Practice

Dynamic, Transformative, Enlightening.

The Yogareal Experience

Feel joy and exhilaration.

Yogareal Yoga Studio

Victoria Avenue, Albert Park.
  • Dynamic, Transformative, Enlightening.
  • Feel joy and exhilaration.
  • Victoria Avenue, Albert Park.


Yoga is not a matter of acquiring something you do not have.

All practices of Yoga create space which allow you to connect with your inner potential. This inner potential, Self or Centre Point is by nature love, strength, peace and harmony.

Each style or system of yoga specifically amplifies one quality or faculty of one's self - heart, mind, intellect, body. However for balance, wholeness and groundedness in life (stability) all facets need to be optimum and in harmony.

Yogareal's uniqueness is the incorporation of

therefore balancing and integrating all aspects of one's self.


Then automatically one's Centre Point becomes one's predominant experience and expression.

strength of character and allow one's
individuality to express itself
- essential for daily life and the
foundation for the deeper aspects of yoga.

receptivity and the ability to be 'available' to change and expand as life requires.
Then through correct understanding the uniqueness of the moment
allows itself to be expressed relative to time, space and situation through one's intuition.




"Just because you're moving, doesn't mean you're alive."

For most people their life is a token gesture.

Restrictions held in the body, the inability for the breath or vital energy to flow freely create dullness, heaviness and hence depression in the mind. This is then accepted as "the way it is" or "normal".

Life should have a lightness and a spark.

Life itself should be intoxicating and exhilarating.

By undertaking a regular yoga practice at Yogareal,
the tensions in the body are removed;
the vital energy flows:
the mind becomes exhilarated.


One becomes totally alive.

Your life. Your call.

See you in class.

Love Rob