Over the past 30 years Robert Byrne has developed a unique and transformative style of yoga unlike anything or anyone else’s. This cuts right to the chase while maintaining lightheartedness. Simple, clear, fun and practical. You’ll go into areas in yourself where you’ve never been before and that need addressing for you to be where you’d like to be in yourself and in your life. This will take you to a position of I AM or a sense of Self-presence in yourself. This is the ultimate goal of all practices – Self-realisation or realising Self relative to everything else that you do in your life.

  • Spirituality is practicality.  Because in reality, it's seeing life as it is, and living accordingly.

    Robert Byrne
  • Inhale, exhale, you'll feel better.

    Robert Byrne
  • It takes a lot of effort to be normal - which requires no effort.

    Robert Byrne
  • Simple things, profound effect.

    Robert Byrne
  • If you're not breathing, you're thinking about living - you're not living.

    Robert Byrne

Yogareal Studio News

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    2017 – Sow the seed of Awareness

    This year – 2017

    “Sow the seed of Awareness

    in the field of Your Consciousness”

    2017 is the year for developing a strong sense of your own Self-presence.

    Do this by sowing the seed of awareness deep into your consciousness. This is known as a Sankalpa. Once sown, and continually nurtured and tended to, it is bound to bear fruit and then become a reality.

    A person normally is thinking so much, their actions and direction is fragmented and feeble.

    Instead, for a Yogi or someone who is sincere in having a harmonious and uplifted life, they become aware, ongoing of the field of their consciousness, so they become aware of being aware.


    A persons actions should be uplifting, expansive, loving and of benefit to all.

    It’s important to differentiate, generally, and particularly in yourself, from thinking and being conscious.

    Being conscious implies you’ll be breathing a long, symmetrical breath, and therefore there’ll be space around your thoughts, and therefore your actions. So you can see what’s happening as you go along in your day-to-day life – as opposed to seeing things in retrospect, and wishing you had behaved differently in those situations. Therefore the decisions you’ll make and your actions will be harmonious and create positive and uplifting results for yourself and others around you.

    This all implies being openhearted, clear minded, strong-willed and a vital dynamic person.

    We begin tomorrow – 7pm, Monday 16 January 2017!!

    See you there!!

    Be part of it all – because whether you know it or not – it’s part of you. Not only a part of you – “IT IS YOU!!”

    Love Rob and Everyone at Yogareal

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    2016/2017 Holiday Timetable at Yogareal

    Hi Everyone,

    We’re heading into the festive season and have a reduced timetable from Monday 12th December.

    Specific dates below:

    2016 COURSES END: 11 Dec.
    2016 HOLIDAY TIMETABLE: 11-22 Dec

    STUDIO CLOSED: 23 Dec 2016 – 2 Jan 2017

    2017 HOLIDAY TIMETABLE:  3-15 Jan
    2017 COURSES START:  Mon 16 Jan

    We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Yogareal Courses ~ Term One ~ 16th January – 11th March 2017

Discover areas of yourself never experienced before! Over a period of eight weeks, Robert incorporates all main styles of yoga and categories of postures. With the support of props and Robert’s innovative techniques, you will lengthen and align the body, and learn how to breathe a full yogic breath.

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