Over the past 30 years Robert Byrne has developed a unique and transformative style of yoga unlike anything or anyone else’s. This cuts right to the chase while maintaining lightheartedness. Simple, clear, fun and practical. You’ll go into areas in yourself where you’ve never been before and that need addressing for you to be where you’d like to be in yourself and in your life. This will take you to a position of I AM or a sense of Self-presence in yourself. This is the ultimate goal of all practices – Self-realisation or realising Self relative to everything else that you do in your life.


  • Happy is Happy.

    Robert Byrne
  • Inhale, exhale, you'll feel better.

    Robert Byrne
  • It takes a lot of effort to be normal - which requires no effort.

    Robert Byrne
  • Simple things, profound effect.

    Robert Byrne


Studio news:

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    Saturday 4th October, 4-7pm at Yogareal Studio, Albert Park.

    “THE CHANT”!!

    Led by our friends from Shanti Mandir.

    Join live musicians chanting celestial sounds to open the heart and soothe the soul…

    No charge.

    See you there!!

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    Special Offer – $5 NEW STUDENT DEAL

    At the moment, the community of practitioners at the studio is simply outstanding, inspiring and growing!!!

    To support this, we are offering a Special until 30th September 2014 - current students are invited to bring a friend, family member, person down the street, girl/boy next door, first date xo  – HEY!!! :O), etc…. to any Yoga Course class for $5.

    All you and your buddy need to do is show up at class and jump on the shakti train! Toot! Toot!

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Welcome to Week 6 of our eight week course. Headstand (Sirsasana) is happening for us all! Accessible, realistic openings and entry points to the King of all postures. Also, join us for ‘The Chant’, 4-7pm this Saturday 4th October at Yogareal Studio. Live Musicians! Chai! Great company!