Drop-in Classes

Monday Morning Intermediate Yoga

6:10 – 7:30 am

with Theresa

Suitable for regular and intermediate students.

Awaken the consciousness. Open the heart. Fire up the body. Start the week by connecting with your Self through a dynamic practice, some simple chanting, pranayama, and meditation.

Tuesday Morning Ashtanga Vinyasa

6:10 – 7:45 am

with Theresa

Suitable for students who have an affinity with working their bodies strongly and advanced practitioners.

A dynamic and challenging practice. Postures are set in a sequence and linked into a continual flow by harmonising the breath. This develops stamina, strength and perfect health. The mind becomes quiet and content.

Wednesday Morning Holistic Yoga Sequence

6:10 – 7:45 am

with Bridget

Suitable for students who have completed a Yogareal Beginners Course and would like to build more movement and stamina into their practice. All are welcome.

An invigorating and expansive sequence of yoga, where one posture moves steadily and continuously onto the next – merging the mind into awareness of the present moment. Moving through all the different categories of postures in each class, this Holistic Yoga Sequence alternates related postures week to week. Thus allowing you to enjoy being challenged, while developing the ability to unite inner tranquility with outer activity.

Wednesday Morning Beginners General Yoga

10 – 11 am

with Angelique

Suitable for casual and regular students.

Class begins by establishing a good reference of what it feels like to work the breath through the body without collapsing or overworking areas. We then create more movement and heat in the body to help free restricted areas. Finishing with a guided relaxation.

Thursday Morning Yoga for Meditators

6:10 – 7:45 am

with Bridget

Suitable for regular, intermediate and advanced students.

Class commences with a 30-minute meditation. Straight away your awareness turns inside, the breath deepens and balances and subtle layers of yourself purify. From this reference we move into a deep posture practice, with particular focus on opening the hips – a very good starting point for lengthening the spine and breath. Naturally, you are more open after the meditation with more space to feel and sit back from the thinking mind. A holistic and transformative process.

Friday Morning Vinyasa Yoga

10 – 11:30 am

with Angelique

Suitable for everyone.

In this class you will rhythmically access openings through flowing vinyasa movements coupled with static postures that create one-pointed focus, deep release, fire and stamina. The subtler practices of pranayama, meditation and restorative relaxation complete the class.

Friday Flow

6:30 – 8 pm

with Alicia

Suitable for everyone.

The Friday night class is a wonderful time to practice, clear the energy and release the tensions of your week. This class involves a mix of general yoga working with the breath and specific tight areas of the body. You will be encouraged to work you fire strongly but also encouraged to let go.

Saturday Afternoon Teenagers Yoga

with Alex, Theresa and Robert

Suitable for Secondary School Students.

Bookings are required for this class.

With so much going on every day, it’s important to put the “healthy body, healthy mind” theory into practice. This class will help you develop the strength, stamina and focus to get you through your busy week. You’ll learn a range of postures and breathing techniques that will help with relaxation and calming your mind. After each class you’ll be energized, focused and thinking clearly, ready for the week ahead!

Sunday Yoga

10:30 am – 12 pm

with Robert

Suitable for everyone.

We’ll let you know what’s happening when you arrive, because Robbie won’t know what’s happening until you do arrive. But one thing is for sure, you’ll know what’s happening when you leave!