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✨ We Wish You Fullness of Shakti this Christmas and New Year ✨

14 December 2023

We’re reaching the end of another fabulous year at Yogareal…

It’s been a year since the new teachers Jack and Jarrah – the J Bros – started teaching at Yogareal.  Everyone loves them, their teaching styles and what they bring to the studio.

And Jarrah has brought the wonderful world of Soundbaths to the Studio which has enabled us to teach Nad Yoga – Yoga of Sound – which is very beneficial for healing.
The Retreat was also a wonderful, social, relaxing, informative and restorative time for everyone.

This year we have also initiated new teachings and practices of Yoga which are extremely beneficial for everyone at this time for the world we’re living in now, which has its predominant inherent challenges.Shakti is the Universal Energy which is in everything and the foundation of everything.  The whole process of yoga taught and explained properly, activates that Shakti, and brings awareness of that Shakti, and allows that Shakti to flow with more vitality and symmetry.  Then one feels uplifted and experiences the underlying Oness with one’s Self and Life.

To experience the fullness of Shakti, it helps tremendously if people can feel in themselves the different energies and breathe more fully to stabilise and activate these energies.  This is quite simple and easy to do, but it is the essentiality of a fuller picture of postures, breathing and consciousness.

We’ve been explaining this very simply in class so people can charge themself so they retain that upliftedness, light-heartedness, and groundedness.

Many thanks to Angelique for for her ongoing classes which everyone loves, and for always giving such whole-hearted support wherever it’s needed at the studio.

And many thanks also to Richard, Johnny and all the regular students for your ongoing commitment and support also.

The foundation of Yoga and harmony is Satsang – in the Company of Oneness, Unity Consciousness and Self.  This comes about through regularity and commitment to One’s Self and the Holistic Process of Yoga.  This is very much the principles and energy that Yogareal / Svarupa Yoga emanates and provides.

Once again Wishing You Fullness of Shakti and a wonderful, balanced, loving and harmonious Christmas and New Year for yourselves and your loved ones.

LoveRob and Theresa

Om Namah Shivaya Om Shakti


Yogareal Studio will CLOSE Saturday 23 December 2023

and REOPEN Tuesday 2 January 2024

All current passes will be placed on hold during this time.



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