About Yogareal

With his wealth of knowledge and having studied under the foremost teachers of yoga and the associated arts throughout the world for 30 years Rob founded Svarupa Yoga as a complete school of yoga in 2000. He later incorporated the name Yogareal to enable a simple presentation of the full picture and practice of yoga. A strong community of teachers and assistants has now formed, enabling anyone who seeks to practice and grow to be immediately supported and guided.

“Everything that a person requires and needs is at the studio!!

Whereas in my case I had to travel throughout the world for the best part of 20 years and then try and place it all together.

Every different practice has something wonderful to offer each person, who simply has to be open and available to grow – see the value and importance and then allocate the time.

The year I spent with Swami Muktananda in America in 1980 certainly established me in a realistic perception of what yoga is – that benchmark was realistic and high from that point onwards.  After that in my experience, wherever I went to practise asanas I felt physically great, however incomplete on a deeper level.

The energy of the practice that I had done at those studios had opened my body out, but expansion and integration hadn’t taken place on a deeper level – this is always essential.

This dilemma confused me and it took me twelve years to clarify and understand that I wasn’t missing something.

The places where I’d been practising didn’t have a strong connection with their Higher Self and hence couldn’t guide someone else back there.  The emphasis and connection of those classes was predominantly physical.


It’s all about having heart, soul and understanding.

For this to happen you have to open these areas in yourself.

This process is known as Sadhana.  It’s not just a matter of doing a course or a Teacher Training.  A realistic sadhana is training with someone who is established in that unified consciousness or state of continual awareness.  It’s not just a matter of spending time with someone who is nice or well meaning.

Look at the lineage through which the person you are training with has come and the time they’ve spent doing realistic sadhana.  Because that of course is what you are going to get.

This is the very big difference between what happens at Yogareal and what happens at other yoga studios.

A real spiritual practice is Sadhana.  This will naturally unfold at Yogareal.  You will develop fire, which will awaken and move your physical and spiritual energy.  Teachings of Self, will direct and guide your consciousness back to your centre thus creating stillness, understanding and integration.  It has to be a complete circuit for yoga to take place – to the extremities of your body and back to your centre / Self or soul.”