Guru Gita

Guroh krpaprasadena

atmaramam niriksayet

Anena gurumargena 

svatmajnanam pravartate


            One should perceive the inner Self through the gift of the Guru’s grace

          By this path of the Guru knowledge of one’s Self arises

‘The Guru Gita resonates with the vibration of unity consciousness connecting you to the ultimate point in yourself – your intuition, knowing point and the point to which the Guru is continually trying to guide you.  By chanting it you resonate at that frequency or imbibe that state.  Knowledge of Self arises spontaneously.  You feel tremendous love and harmony in yourself.  This is the state or space of Self.

Baba emphasized the importance of the Guru Gita and we all chanted it every morning on tour with him and in all of his ashrams throughout the world.  As soon as you entered the main Ashram in Ganeshpuri the very first thing you saw directly in front of you was a statue of his Guru, Bhagawan Nityananda, in a temple and directly opposite, around the corridor of his temple and as the entrance to the main Ashram grounds, were the tablets or plates inscribed with the Guru Gita.  So whenever you entered or left the Ashram, you would imbibe the energy of Self from both sides.  In your life, this is where you should come back to and come from in every action and thought.  Given this you will align yourself with the cosmic consciousness or universal consciousness or be aligned the Reality of “What Is” or “That”. ’

– Robert Byrne                       

Around Baba Muktananda, Robert’s Guru, the Guru Gita was chanted each morning at daybreak. The tradition continues at Yogareal every week when we come together and chant the Guru Gita.

Sri Guru Gita (a scriptural chant) is a dialogue between Shiva and his beloved Parvati.  Where Parvati is the first in existence to enquire as to how she can unite with the ultimate reality. In response, Shiva lovingly recites the Guru Gita to her:

“O Goddess, you are My very Self.  Out of love for you, I will tell you this.  No one has ever asked this question before, which is a boon to all mankind.

An important practice, chanting is the main technique of Bhakti Yoga, which is one of the four main styles of yoga. Through chanting, the mind becomes one-pointed, the heart and throat open and the breath lengthens. You are supported sitting for a lengthy time with a lovely melody, which in turn is one of the simplest ways to open the hips. It is a challenging and expansive process, essential for a holistic undertaking of yoga. For students who value the feeling of being connected with the flow of energy and love, this is the ultimate offering.

Guru Gita is currently on hold.

In the meantime, join us at the next Chant.

Sadgurunath Maharaj ki Jay!