Yogareal Testimonials

Join countless students who have transformed their lives through practicing at Yogareal.
Here are some of their inspirational stories…

Claire Murphy

‘Yoga is something truly special and important to my physical and mental health and happiness. I’ve tried many different places and instructors but have always returned back to YogaReal with Rob and other teachers of Yoga here. For over a year, YogaReal has succeeded to ground me in times of stress, strengthened and balanced my body; but most importantly to me, helped to reflect on life. How to live with a calm, open mind and have a better understanding of others and our own behaviours. These talks provided at the start of each class are something that I can always relate to and walk away from with thoughts in a new light.
Every member that attends YogaReal makes me feel comfortable and free, smiling throughout the classes even if some positions get difficult!
The team at YogaReal are honest, friendly and truthful in their practice, they always make me feel welcomed each time I step into the room.
To Rob and the team at YogaReal, I cannot thank you enough for the strength you give me, the things you teach me and the true kindness you share each day with so many.

Claire :)’

11 August 2018

Johnny Wood

‘Yogareal is true to its name. One imbibes a feeling of the universal and this is evidenced by the distinct accord between what is happening in the studio and outside of the studio. There is a definite flow on effect that maintains the standard of living that one experiences in the studio.

On a personal level, through continually working with the body and breath, I have been able to fully recover from painful arthritis in the knees attributable to the faith, persistence and healing energy around Yogareal.

It is always an authentic yoga experience at Yogareal and it helps one to maintain clear vision in all the layers of our being and in the environment around us.’

10 August 2018

Michael Argyrou – 
Managing Director 
Hickory Group Pty Ltd

‘I have been attending Yogareal for nearly 13 years and can honestly say that it is the most transformative experience I have ever had. I have referred many friends to the studio and they all thank me for introducing them to this very special place. The practice is as physically challenging as some other studios but the holistic approach adds a more transformative dynamic to the practice. The lessons are not routine, they tend to vary with the seasons and continually evolve to match the class standard, they can be both physically and emotionally challenging. Rob has taught me many things  but the importance of breath and where it can take you once you can access its power is profoundly transformative.  Rob and Theresa and the rest of the team at Yogareal have a magical way of supporting you on a journey that makes everything in your life better.’

16 September 2018

Helen Stavrou

‘Awesome studio, beautiful energy, great bunch of people who are committed to ensuring all students experience a wonderful & transformative practice. Robert Byrne is an incredible teacher with much knowledge and experience who is the real deal!!!’

19 September 2013

Jenny Young

‘I have been fortunate enough to have had Rob guide me on my journey with yoga for the past 12 years.  Rob and his team at Yogareal embrace and share an authentic Yoga experience where it is not just about the physical practice.  The studio, at Albert Park, is welcoming, vibrant and well equipped with props.  It is a happy place that I always like to be.  We all have our reasons for wanting yoga in our lives, whether it be wanting to feel more at peace in an always changing world or to encourage our bodies to free the tensions that it has a habit of storing.  At Yogareal you are encouraged to be more aware of your breath and how to channel the breath and look within at who you are.

Every week I am introduced to new experiences at Yogareal and I look forward to the many more that are ahead.’

28 September 2013

Angelique Murray

‘I am very grateful for the Yogareal studio. I have been practicing with Rob and the team since 2011, and in that time I have felt my life transform.

With Rob, all his teachings begin with a full breath, compassion for your limits, and sitting back from your mind. Before the studio, I had a very warped idea of yoga. I had dismissed it as bendy sequences, performed by lycra clad beauties who rarely broke a sweat. How wrong I was! It is challenging, and at times, confronting. What matters the most, however, is that you are breathing, and giving the class a red-hot go.

Through Rob’s teachings, and with support and understanding from senior teachers and students, the studio provides a no-nonsense, grounded and practical experience of yoga. Under their guidance, I have reclaimed my energy and self-esteem.
Yogareal is truly an uplifting place to be.’

14 October 2018

Kylie Plunkett – Physiotherapist

‘It seems a lifetime ago now that I was in a very difficult situation. My life was an every day struggle. I couldn’t sleep and dedicated many hours searching for solutions by reading many, many books, attending psychologists and support workers.

Every day was about survival and I was doing the best I could.

In the search for clarity, each morning I would walk for an hour or so before sunrise and then write in a journal. I asked many times to be guided along my true path and also to have the strength needed to make the journey ahead.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, these walks took me beneath the windows of the Yogareal studio. After many mornings, I became aware of the sound and vibration of voices chanting. One day, I was drawn inside. I climbed those stairs and the door was opened to a dark and peaceful space. I didn’t want to intrude, but someone entering the door turned and smiled. It felt warm and welcoming. ( I know now that person was Simon!! ).

I took a class timetable and later that day contacted Rob. He encouraged me to attend the evening beginner’s class. However, the only time I had available was the early morning – the advanced class – for the seriously twisty and bendy yogi’s! I suggested that I perhaps strengthen myself with some yoga DVD’s and asked for a recommendation of where to start. After some discussion, Rob invited me to come and try the early morning class.

So, here started my yoga journey… me, not able to touch my toes, whilst others seemed to put their feet behind their head with ease and walk on their hands
(OK, there is more than a little artistic license here, but you get the picture!)

But, that did not matter to me. From the first class, I knew that I had found where I needed to be and left that morning with a deep sense of peace and calm that I had not experienced for some time. I knew I just had to keep coming and began a committed practice from that point.

In some of those early classes, Rob would come around and gently guide me into better poses, offer suggestions to build strength. Many mornings there would be an impromptu satsang. Most important to me in those days, he taught me to breathe. Gradually, as changes were made within my yoga practise, my way of ‘being’ changed as well.

As I became more familiar with the space, I began to notice small things, including the considered and seamless workings of the yoga studio and teachings. I also remember, with a little laugh to myself, hearing the strange sound of tinkling before each class and would think this was some weird, preparatory ritual that Rob was performing in a side room. I later discovered this was the sound of a spoon stirring a habitual cup of fruit tea that Rob placed next to his mat before the class!

As I continued to come to the studio, my life changed… became less of a struggle and my path became clearer. I made some difficult, much needed choices that painfully included moving 2 hours from the studio. I spoke with Rob and he just said to come when I could.

I have continued to make the journey twice a month or more if I can. In all my searches for another studio more local, there has been nowhere that compares to Yogreal. I always leave feeling centred, at peace and recharged.

I also look forward to spending time with others at the practice for the chant and a chat in a space where it is equally ok to sit, be quiet and listen as it is to talk about the comings and goings of life around us. I now consider those people my friends.

Words just can’t describe what the yoga practice has meant to me with Rob and I continue to learn and grow. It has changed my life in so many ways and I am just so grateful.

With many thanks,


25 July 2016

Anne Creaton -
 Emergency Specialist, Suva, Fiji

‘I am a doctor who specializes in Emergency Medicine.  My work life involves adrenaline and chaos.  No two days are the same and I am always balancing multiple demands, making decisions and dealing with people in distress.

I first began practicing yoga at Yogareal in 2006 when I was doing my training to become a specialist.  I was working shift work, had no regular routine and had difficulty switching off and sleeping.  I was emotionally reactive and found it hard to accept things that I could not change.

Yoga has helped me find inner peace.  It has made me into a person that I can love and respect.  I am stronger and less reactive and I sleep better.  I am more patient and tolerant, and find it easier to accept that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and that you cannot always get what you want.

This is vital for my current job, which is developing Emergency Medicine in Fiji.

The love and support you get from a regular practice with Theresa, Rob and all of the other teachers and regular students at Yogareal has been an enormous sustaining force for me.  It continues to be, despite an ocean separating us.’

24 October 2013

Richard Cristina

‘I started my practice of yoga in 1992. Since then I have experienced many styles of yoga through a variety of teachers. It was through a friend, with whom I had been undertaking a yoga teacher training course, that I went along to my first class with Rob. This was in 2003. It wasn’t long with Rob before I realised how complete was his knowledge of yoga, and how much I was drawn to learn more through him. I knew intuitively that what Rob taught just felt ‘true’.

From a physical viewpoint, I think that Rob’ s knowledge and understanding of the body’s physiology and its interrelated movement, and the integral energetic component of the breath, is exceptional. In class we are constantly reminded of the importance of breathing consciously and deeply – how the breath is a major source of energy for the body, and how conscious breathing is vital in quietening our minds from constant thought and ‘chatter’.

From a philosophical and practical viewpoint, it is clear by example that Rob dedicates his life to living the yogic way, that his wealth of knowledge and understanding has been formulated over many decades of self-enquiry and learning from a variety of noted and leading yogis throughout the world. He has an adept skill, a generous willingness, and a joyful and clear manner in imparting and sharing his knowledge. There is sincerity and a genuine and loving intention in the way yoga is taught by Rob. Needless to say, this is imparted on to all of the excellent and wonderful other teachers at Yogareal, so no matter who is teaching a particular class, the quality and scope of the lessons remain consistent.

I recently was asked why I practise yoga and why I come to class.  ‘To become more in touch with who I really am’ was my immediate response. This is why I keep coming to classes at Yogareal. For me the studio is an oasis for the soul; a wonderful space for dropping the ego, keeping the body supple and open, and for enjoying the company of people who are there for similar reasons.’

30 October 2018

Peter Pivonka 

‘I have practiced at Yogareal for the last 8 years. Rob is my guru and every practice with him is truly enlightening. Rob’s understanding of yoga as a path to inner freedom has helped me a lot to be happy and to deal with difficult situations in life.  Rob always says, “Leave all your baggage outside and bring only yourself.”  This is what happens on entering the studio.  I am very grateful that I was privileged to find Rob and practice under his guidance.’

16 November 2013

Robert Byrne in class at Yogareal Studio
Love from Everyone at Yogareal!