Pregnancy Yoga

Happy mummies and happy babies



At Yogareal, practitioners have the unique opportunity to integrate all stages and aspects of their life with yoga. A key time for this to happen is during and after pregnancy. A regular practice throughout pregnancy will help to maintain physical health as well as prepare for all that lies ahead.

Pregnant students at Yogareal work one-on-one with a teacher in a general class format, where they’re given specific alternatives for the different stages of their pregnancy. They’ll be able to participate in the uplifting class dynamic, whilst having the support of someone guiding them on the next mat.

Partners are welcome to come along for a stretch too!  Practicing together as a couple creates a great foundation for family life.

After birth, they’ll have the assistance of the studio to come back to. They’ll be able to release tension, re-energise and nurture themself. Balancing their own energies and making them strong and vital will place them in an optimum position to experience and understand parenthood.

The classes when we’re available to support pregnant women are the Mon-Thurs evening classes, or Saturday 10:30am. If you would like any further information about our Happy Mummies and Happy Babies Program call Theresa on 0419504831 .