Yoga Workshops

Yoga Workshops at Yogareal are concise times to work very specifically with themes and techniques to enable optimum results for each individual.


Less than two weeks to go for the Raja Yoga Workshop – a continuation of the Retreat we held in February, which was fabulous, a wonderful group of people and everyone was inspired, uplifted and energised.

The theme of this Workshop –


Listen to life talk to you with every cell of your being.

Breathe, feel, observe, listen.

Listen on all levels

Then respond.

The workshop will be complete in itself, allowing you to change/open out areas in yourself that you’d like to open out and change In an insightful lighthearted way. Areas that have been holding you back, which you can’t seem to get a handle on and move through yourself. Then this will allow you to respond to life in all circumstances, in a joyful uplifting way, instead of just reacting and being intense.

Approximate session times below:

7am to 10am – Morning Session (includes breakfast)

12:30pm to 3pm – Afternoon session

5pm to 8:30pm – Evening session (includes dinner)

– Concise Yoga Pracitces
– Insightful Teachings
– Inspiring Videos
– Personal time for rest and reflection between sessions.
– Beautiful vegetarian meals
– Wonderful uplifted social time

Where: Yogareal Studio – Level One, 45 Victoria Ave, Albert Park

When: Saturday 22 June 2019

Cost: $150

See you there!

Love Rob


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Email us to confirm which session you'd like to attend:



Saturday Spa

3:30-5:30pm on Saturday 25 August 2018

Saturday Spa at Yogareal is a chance to restore, rejuvenate, realign and rejoice! Join us for a one-hour restorative yoga session with other Yogareal students. You’ll all have your own personal bench for the duration of the session. Your pelvis and spine will be re-aligned (all problems with back, neck and shoulders are due to the pelvis collapsing and a lack of stability in the core/deep abdominals and hence the spine collapses, vertebrae jam and nerves pinch).  Your breath will be light, soft, strong and long. You’ll straight away feel connected to yourself, peaceful, light-hearted and grounded. The session draws to an end with a chai and a social chat.

Saturday Spa at Yogareal$65


Restore, rejuvenate, realign & rejoice!

Consciousness Workshop

3 Dec 2016, 7am-8:30pm



Celebrating 50 Years of Yoga

1966 – fifty years ago, when we were in our teens… before yoga studios were everywhere, fashionable and … trendy. We found a very natural way to balance our energies, release tensions and have an exhilarating / liberating time. We’d spend all our spare time down the Yarra River in North Kew, swinging on the ropes, jumping from one rope to another rope in mid-air like Tarzan, stacking kids on the second rope and eventually coming back to shore, or jumping into the river… And hence the title of the article in the middle pages of The Sun Newspaper, Wed 28 Dec 1966, was ‘Tarzans of the River.’

This whole environment / lifestyle led to balance, upliftment, being in our body, grounded, in touch with life, strong, vital, practical and skilful. This whole lifestyle needed nothing else. It was complete – healthy, happy, simple.

However, during youth and as a person leaves youth and goes into adulthood, what is essential and required is that the consciousness and the intelligence of each person and how they work in themselves and how their energies work with life, needs to be known. Most people never acquire this knowledge, and hence they lose their child-likeness, light-heartedness and strong flow of vital energies… they tend to become an “old person” or an “adult”.

Most people, in order to maintain their child-likeness or exuberance seek other external means to try and reclaim it – alcohol, food, drugs, extreme behaviours, neediness – however all of this just makes everything worse – complicated, more intense, heavy. This then carries through in all their relationships – family, work, loved ones. Their energy doesn’t flow, and their heart’s have closed and therefore they’re not open-hearted people.

The whole consciousness transition is the second part of classical yoga, and really the most important step in yoga. This step of people understanding themselves is not there in most frameworks or systems around today. It’s either the energy side of things – postures/exercise/sport, or the consciousness side – meditation/psychology/philosophy.

There’s a lot of theory, there’s a lot of writing, there’s a lot of teachings, but where are the practical realistic ways of integrating this understanding into day to day life, without being a space cowboy???? Or in other words being disconnected, unable to cope or integrate life, despite knowing all the theories and having the best of intentions.

The releasing of the breath, working with the breath, guiding and directing the breath, is the essence of the vitality (postures) transitioning into the consciousness for a person, while still retaining light-heartedness, and this has to be taught and then understood in oneself.

The latter part of my life has been spent acquiring this understanding and being able to convey this to other people in a natural, down to earth, grounded way. This then makes yoga a complete system for each person. Their ability to flow with life is then innate.



…So we’ve got it all happening at Yogareal at the Consciousness Workshop on 3 December 2016 – FIFTY YEARS ON!!

– We’re no longer on the rope, we’re using benches for the alignment – hanging and using gravity to gain length in the body.

– We’re using practical light-hearted techniques to release the patterns of restriction.

– Summarising and encapsulating the essence of 50 years of transformation.

– Beautiful meals

– Great company

– A summary to this year and the last 50 years!

– See you there!

Love Rob

Consciousness Workshop, Yogareal Special Event, $150 AUD

Join us for the Headstand Revolution: 8-15 October 2016

At Rob\\\\\\\’s Beginners Classes: Mon-Thu 7-8:30pm, Sat 10:30am

Hello Everyone

Join the Headstand Revolution!

First time at Yogareal and probably first time anywhere, we’re running a headstand workshop from now through to the end of next week. This will feature step by step openings, alignment and lengthening of the body, and then performing the posture.

There’s a lot of people everywhere doing yoga, but very few do headstand and do it well. By that I mean, do it with lift, lightness, alignment, and length of breath.

All these factors have to be there for the posture to take place, and therefore the advantages of the posture to take place. If any of these factors are not there, then it means that the posture – headstand – is collapsing. The posture needs to be lifting for the energy to flow through from the base chakra to the crown of the head, which is the length of the spinal column.

The headstand is considered the King of all postures – the most important out of the, in theory, 54,000 postures.

In this workshop, all of these factors I mentioned will be addressed systematically, and therefore the headstand as such will happen automatically.

To start with:

– Floor work on the mat to open the pelvis, shoulder girdle and spine. This has to happen, otherwise the back muscles are not released and therefore, the breath can’t be long in the front of the body, and therefore, uddiyana bhanda is not available and therefore the lift is not available in the shoulder girdle and back down into the legs.

– Work on the wall at right angles. To work all these areas strongly and therefore to lift and overcome gravity’s collapsing effect in one’s body.

– Work on the inversion benches to totally release the whole body, and allow it to lengthen and align the body through the side plane. All this by means of gravity, you just have to let go.

– Back to the wall – inhale exhale, you’re guided through the headstand posture using the wall as a guide and having myself to spot you and therefore work the areas that are lazy in your body e.g. tailbone under and bottom ribs back, so therefore udiyanna bhanda is there for you and your body is lifting and aligned.

Once again, this will all happen by itself, all you have to do is make yourself available and come along. THE WHOLE PROCESS IS SELF ADJUSTING, SELF ALIGNING.

Benefits of Headstand as listed by BKS Iyenger:

-mental clarity and stability
-healthy pure blood flow through the blood cells
-pituitary and pineal glands in the brain are balanced and stimulated – our growth health and vitality depend on the proper functioning of these two glands.
-boundless energy
-strengthens and stabilises lungs improving health and wellbeing
-stimulates and balances all faculties of the brain
-improves memory
-equanimity in one’s approach to life’s challenges
-expands and balances the consciousness
-widens horizons of the spirit

If your a sincere practitioner of yoga, you should be able to practice headstand easily. Seize the opportunity – come along, master it!!

See you there