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27 October 2021



Starting Monday 1st November 2021

at 6:30pm

Online Bookings Essential

Please bring your mobile phone to every class

to checkin with the QR code and confirm your vaccination status

– which by government requirement we all need to be double vaxed.

Look forward to seeing you there – giddy up!

Love and Shakti

Rob and the Yogareal Team

❤️ 🌞 🐎 🚀



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22 September 2021

Hi Everyone

Hope you’re all going well.

To breathe that little bit more deeply and consciously ongoing especially at this time, will ensure that you’re always going well.  This process of breathing more deeply and fully happens to you on a subconscious automatic level regularly during each and every day in your life.


Breathing more deeply happens SUBCONSCIOUSLY in yourself automatically after a SIGH.  The SIGH is a subconscious action in yourself which allows the tensions that have built up in yourself to be released.  Those tensions have been holding on in yourself internally unbeknownst to yourself through whatever you’ve been doing or focusing on and those tensions will stay there held within you.

They need to be released!

Because of the sigh and therefore the very next inhale after the sigh, you take a very deep long slow inhale.  This single deep long slow inhale resets your breathing rhythm and reinstates the status / quality of your breathing and mindset from then on for a while.  Until the same thing happens again – you start to build up tensions, breathe a shorter restricted breath and start to worry and overthink.

So coming slowly out of lockdown, you’re really seeking to take one breath at a time, drop that breath, release it, and go into the next breath consciously.  And the same again…. And then you’ll start to reinstate your whole breathing rhythm, symmetrically, rhythmically and thus clearing any tensions or limitations and enabling you to stay positive and uplifted and on track for your wellbeing and harmony.

This is really going from your sympathetic nervous system to your parasympathetic nervous system ongoing, and keeping both of those systems in yourself active and balanced – for most people, they’re in constant sympathetic nervous system overdrive.

This will all allow you to stay focused on what you’re doing and take one step at a time.  Be in the moment, feel uplifted and come through the transitions that are ahead for all of us.



Lots of Love

Rob and Theresa

🌞 🐚 🐸 💓 🥁 🦋

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Experience the Light of Consciousness

20 August 2021


Hi Everyone

Just touching base and making sure everyone’s ok, uplifted and breathing a long symmetrical breath ongoing.  Keeping this happening will allow you to be grounded in your body, healthy and happy, and your thinking mind will then be in synchronicity with your higher mind.

Otherwise, your thinking mind, which tends to want to be predominant, will worry and doubt and get frustrated, and project onto things and life and be out of synchronicity with your higher mind.  Your Higher mind has the quality in yourself of discriminating and seeing things in a more holistic, integrated, realistic perspective.  Both of these need to be in synchronicity and working together – Higher mind and Thinking mind. Then you literally transcend time and space and are in synch with the light of consciousness, and flowing with the ocean of consciousness or life.  This can only happen if you’re breathing a long, symmetrical breath.

Watch the video above – feel uplifted, feel inspired and each time you feel out of synch with your life, go back and watch it, to experience how this works in yourself in every moment of your life.

Lots of Love

Robert Byrne

Om Namah Shivaya



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See you very soon 💕

6 August 2021

Due to the latest Victorian government regulations, Yogareal will be closed until further notice.

Breathing fully – inhale – exhale – inhale – exhale – this will ensure you stay balanced internally, allowing you to then stay uplifted and stay present during this time.

Om Namah Shivaya!

Sending lots of love, and looking forward to seeing you all again very soon.

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Today’s Class – Shoulderstand with Ball – 27 June 2021

It’s all happening at Yogareal!  We’re having lots of fun, with lots of respiration, inspiration and innovation.  Working on what’s essential for your wellbeing, harmony, stamina, core strength, stability.  A strong, long rhythmic breath through your nose, therefore strengthening your immune system.  A balanced rhythmic Ujjayi breath through the nose.

And we’re working from the other end of the spine – inverted.  Shoulderstand – considered the second most important of all the postures, known as the Queen of all postures.  Integrating and activating your thyroid/parathyroid, Ujjayi breathing, and clearing all the energies in your head – allowing your whole brain to work in a harmonious, uplifted way. Stimulating the paranasal sinuses throughout your head to enhance activation and generation of nitric oxide, energising your blood flow and stimulating the 100,000km’s of blood vessels throughout your body.

Holding the ball between your feet, and lifting and extending, means you have to continually work your breath more strongly consistently internally while moving, thus feeding your energy from one end of your body to the other in a continuous flow ongoing.

This means:

  1. Your throat has to work more (Ujjayi breathing has to work more),
  2. Your diaphragm has to work more rhythmically, consistently and strongly and
  3. Uddiyana bandha, the abdominal lock that draws your breath up consistantly, rhythmically through your ribcage to uplift and vitalise you physically, vitally and emotionally.

These three – Ujjayi breathing, diaphragm moving consistently and strongly, and Uddiyana bandha) should be working in synchronicity ongoing to keep you healthy conscious and happy.

Also in a comprehensive, lighthearted way, we’re workshopping the relationship between different emotions, on breathing rhythms and patterns, and where and how your different emotions hold tensions in different parts of your physical body.  And conversely, what are the feelings and physical reactions in your body when these are cleared or released?  I’ll tell you – you’ll feel better, stronger, lighter, freer and happier.

So come and join us at Yogareal.

Enjoy yourself.

Uplift yourself.

Understand yourself.

Stay vital, healthy, conscious and happy.


Robert Byrne


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Lockdown Extended – I’m organised appropriately! ARE YOU?

3 June 2021

Hi Everyone

So the lockdown’s extended, and I’m organised appropriately!  


For me that means being consciously relaxed and energised and grounded.  I make a point of consciously relaxing my bottom jaw and breathing deeper and more symmetrically through the nose ongoing, and I soften my physical eyes.

By doing these few simple things, consciously, you will also ensure that you engage your higher mind and your vital energy – your shakti.  

By breathing deeper, more rhythmically and more symmetrically through the nose ongoing, your breathing will have enough amplitude and energy to power your whole brain and therefore create for you a feeling of harmony groundedness and awareness, and the ability for you to make good decisions, because you’re now in synchronicity with universal consciousness.   

If a person has shallow breathing, breathes erratically or breathes through the mouth, a depletion and disturbance will be created in that person’s energy flow. Thus only allowing for that person enough energy for their mechanical, thinking frontal brain, to operate.   

The frontal brain’s tendencies are to continually think, worry, fear and doubt, thus that person will become angry, blame other people and things very easily.  Thus reacting instead of responding.

With the whole brain working, it means that you’re now in the space of awareness.  Which means that you’re in tune with the frequency and resonance of universal consciousness, or what’s really happening on a bigger picture in life or more holistic and universal level in the world around you and in yourself. Thus enabling you to now respond instead of react.

This of course is your parasympathetic nervous system or more holistic approach to everything.  This energy creates integration and understanding.

Breathing fully, rhythmically, symmetrically through the nose ongoing will once again, line you up with universal consciousness by releasing nitric oxide through your nose and thus permeating your whole bloodstream and aligning all the systems of your being, and energising your whole brain.  Therefore making your frontal brain quieter and not as predominant.  

This won’t happen if you breathe through your mouth, or if you stop breathing or breathe erratically – there’ll be no nitric oxide, no whole brain, no shakti.  Predominantly, a dysfunctional sympathetic nervous system in overdrive – constant fight or flight.

As I said in the video, by smiling gently to yourself, you should feel, if you’re conscious enough, a subtle opening in your heart area.  When you smile gently to yourself, you bring all these areas into play – heart, subtly letting go, lightheartedness, softer eyes, more rhythmic, deeper, subtler breathing ongoing, and an expanded perception of consciousness ongoing.   

The action of smiling gently to yourself is a subtle thing, however its actions should be able to be felt on all these levels in yourself.

By consciously, deliberately relaxing the physical eyes and the bottom jaw and breathing deeper, symmetrically through the nose ongoing, you therefore allow the parasympathetic nervous system to begin functioning properly, and your whole brain to engage and work more fully ongoing. 

We’ve been practically working on this experience and understanding in the classes at Yogareal Studio before lockdown, by using the balls to do postures on.  Thus enabling the breath to be stronger, more rhythmic and symmetrical ongoing. 

The main thing is to keep smiling gently to yourself and breathing a long balanced breath through the nose ongoing, thus accessing your nitric oxide, and feeling uplifted, vital and conscious. 

This way you very easily navigate the ups and downs that are taking place externally and internally and make optimum decisions for yourself and others moment to moment. 

Om Namah Shivaya!!! 

Love Rob from Yogareal


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Beautiful Day at Yogareal

23 May 2021

Hi Everyone

Beautiful day at Yogareal today.  The sun is shining, the golden autumn leaves are falling.

To enable this beautiful day to permeate every aspect of your being ongoing, the sympathetic nervous system needs to be stronger, thus more vital in yourself. And the parasympathetic nervous system need to be awakened far more, so that every aspect of your being is recharged and energised ongoing.  That energy needs to be drawn into the body far more strongly, slowly, rhythmically and symmetrically by inhaling and exhaling through the nose to release the nitric oxide in the nose into the lungs and then into the blood vessels, organs, the whole brain, and the immune system.   This enables a person to be relaxed, vital, uplifted, mindful / aware / conscious ongoing.

99.9% of people breathe minimally through the mouth and hold their breath regularly, damaging and disturbing all aspects of their mind, emotions and body.  When this happens a person is stuck in their frontal brain which is the part of the brain that thinks and worries and becomes anxious, fearful, restless and destructive, and always needing to hook onto something or someone else to feel good.

At Yogareal Studio, we have created simple ways for each person on their mat to re-align, stabilise and lengthen their body, activating more fire in their navel, releasing their diaphragm so that their basic physical pump can work more freely, strongly and uniformly ongoing.  So their breath then nurtures, permeates and harmonises their  whole being and everyone and everything around.  Creating an uplifted, grounded vital and peaceful energy in oneself and in one’s life.

This is essentially a day to day expression of the meaning of Om Namah Shivaya

Om – the universal vibration or frequency which everything resonates at
Namah – I bow to, I appreciate, I respect, I acknowledge
Shivaya – all is Conscious and Consciousness – all is One and connected together – yourself included – NOT EXCLUDED

And the SoHam mantra or your conscious breathing of your incoming and outgoing breath is the resonation of Om in yourself.  (as explained above) awareness of the rise and fall of your natural breathing ongoing, every breath – this links you to Higher Consciousness in your Self, and then Higher Consciousness in the world outside.

It’s easy to feel good when the sun is shining and everything is rosy, however your sun in your naval needs to be shining all the time and creating a rosy feeling and experience in your whole being all the time – this is what we teach and experience at Yogareal – being rosy all the time – conscious, vital, uplifted.

See you there.

Lots of Love


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Evening Yoga Classes with Robert Byrne at Yogareal

12 April 2021

Everyone’s having a great time at the evening classes at Yogareal.  The atmosphere’s vibrant, light-hearted and enthusiastic.  We’re all using the balls which helps us to stay in each posture for longer and fine tune the posture and breathe more fully and freely.

You feel great! You feel grounded. You feel light-hearted. And complete!

The Higher mind kicks in with Awareness coming through for each student and that feeling stays with them ongoing.

By breathing fully, rhythmically, and aligning the different levels of yourself you attain Yoga or Oneness.

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday Nights, 6:30pm – 7:45pm, with Robert

See you there!


Rob and Everyone at Yogareal

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