17 June 2024





ON SUNDAY 21st JULY 2024, 10am – 12:30pm


Real Yoga health/wellbeing and Higher Consciousness happens through full diaphragmatic breathing.  On the bench the body is extended, the pelvis tucks under, the side waist lengthens, the bandhas happen automatically, creating a natural updraft of breath.  This happens automatically on the benches due to the shape of the bench and gravity.  This process needs proper guidance and direction so the student/participant can breathe, feel, observe and lengthen the body and the breath all at the same time.  With the added advantage of being inverted the energy/breath goes up from the base chakra to the crown centre with every cycle of breath.  A student/person is then able to become familiar with this in themself, given the restful position is supported, thus creating the shape, creating the inversion, gravity creating the energy flow.

The workshop will incorporate a series of postures on the benches (inversions, as described above, is just one of the many categories of postures we’ll explore on the day) and we’ll also use other unique props.

Wonderfully expansive and accessible to everyone.

The day will conclude with a beautiful vegan meal in the studio, made with love and devotion by the Hare Krishnas.

Yogareal Studio in Albert Park is such a beautiful space to practice, enjoy a meal together, and spend time enjoying each other’s uplifted company – Satsang.

Online Bookings are essential as spaces are limited.  Book Now

Look forward to seeing you all there.


Rob and the Yogareal Team

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Enjoy Your Life Fully Now

8 April 2024

Enjoy Your Life Fully Now

Hello Everyone

It’s not just a Full Solar Eclipse,
and a New Moon today,
it’s a video from Robbie
which is even more important

– with some very important news.

Letting you know we have a NEW WELLBEING ONCE WEEKLY PASS available for everyone. This Pass will enable people to attend once per week ongoing, at $19 per week.  Designed especially for those of you who are either struggling financially at the moment, or are simply time-poor; to continue or recommence a regular ongoing practice of yoga at Yogareal to support your mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

So you can live your life fully NOW.

Don’t wait for everything to be “optimal” or “disastrous” before you start looking after yourself and clearing and igniting a full diaphragmatic breath which will energise, stabilise and clear.

It’s also a New Moon today, so it’s an ideal time to start something new and/or re-ignite your energies.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Rob and The Yogareal Team

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Sound Bath at Yogareal Sunday 5 May 2024

4 April 2024

Sound Bath at Yogareal
Sunday 5 May 2024

Hi Everyone

We’re very happy to invite you all to the next Sound Bath at Yogareal on Sunday 5 May 2024, 4pm – 5:15pm.

Online Bookings are Essential and you can now book for multiple people.

We look forward to seeing you all at this fabulous event!


Rob and the Yogareal Team

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This Very Special Day

22 February 2024

This Very Special Day

Hi Everyone
Every day is a very special day.
To breathe a little deeper will enable everyone to experience
clearing of unwanted holding patterns and therefore
a longer inhale which will enable people to
sink into every moment more.

This sinking into each moment will enable each moment to express itself fully
and bring more upliftment and joy and lightness.
This will come from inside very naturally.

This is known as Ananda or Bliss of the Higher Self and
comes from each person’s Inner Heart.

Come to Yogareal Studio and experience this
Bliss in everything we do.

Lots of Love

Rob and the Yogareal Team

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Shiatsu Massage Now at Yogareal

22 December 2023

Shiatsu Massage
Now at Yogareal

Treat yourself to a Shiatsu Massage this Christmas / New Year at Yogareal.

Enhance your Yoga practice and relieve pain and tension by treating yourself to a wonderful massage at Yogareal by Jack Logan who also teaches Yoga at Yogareal.

For bookings and enquiries contact Jack


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✨ We Wish You Fullness of Shakti this Christmas and New Year ✨

14 December 2023

We’re reaching the end of another fabulous year at Yogareal…

It’s been a year since the new teachers Jack and Jarrah – the J Bros – started teaching at Yogareal.  Everyone loves them, their teaching styles and what they bring to the studio.

And Jarrah has brought the wonderful world of Soundbaths to the Studio which has enabled us to teach Nad Yoga – Yoga of Sound – which is very beneficial for healing.
The Retreat was also a wonderful, social, relaxing, informative and restorative time for everyone.

This year we have also initiated new teachings and practices of Yoga which are extremely beneficial for everyone at this time for the world we’re living in now, which has its predominant inherent challenges.Shakti is the Universal Energy which is in everything and the foundation of everything.  The whole process of yoga taught and explained properly, activates that Shakti, and brings awareness of that Shakti, and allows that Shakti to flow with more vitality and symmetry.  Then one feels uplifted and experiences the underlying Oness with one’s Self and Life.

To experience the fullness of Shakti, it helps tremendously if people can feel in themselves the different energies and breathe more fully to stabilise and activate these energies.  This is quite simple and easy to do, but it is the essentiality of a fuller picture of postures, breathing and consciousness.

We’ve been explaining this very simply in class so people can charge themself so they retain that upliftedness, light-heartedness, and groundedness.

Many thanks to Angelique for for her ongoing classes which everyone loves, and for always giving such whole-hearted support wherever it’s needed at the studio.

And many thanks also to Richard, Johnny and all the regular students for your ongoing commitment and support also.

The foundation of Yoga and harmony is Satsang – in the Company of Oneness, Unity Consciousness and Self.  This comes about through regularity and commitment to One’s Self and the Holistic Process of Yoga.  This is very much the principles and energy that Yogareal / Svarupa Yoga emanates and provides.

Once again Wishing You Fullness of Shakti and a wonderful, balanced, loving and harmonious Christmas and New Year for yourselves and your loved ones.

LoveRob and Theresa

Om Namah Shivaya Om Shakti


Yogareal Studio will CLOSE Saturday 23 December 2023

and REOPEN Tuesday 2 January 2024

All current passes will be placed on hold during this time.



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Such a Fabulous Retreat!

3 November 2023

It was so wonderful to have a full room of committed uplifted people join us for the Svarupa Yoga Retreat last Sunday.  Such a great day for everyone to come together, share the teachings and each others company.  Thanks very much to our committed team and especially thanks to Hugh and Elisha for coming all the way down from Currumbin Valley QLD and all working tirelessly and joyfully together to help us make it the best day possible for everyone.

We’d like to share this beautiful message of thanks we received:

“Thank you Rob and Theresa for the yoga retreat last Sunday. It was such a wonderful day. Everyone loved the experience, the knowledge and the community. Our lunch was delicious too. My kind of food! We are all very grateful for your hard work this kind of event takes. We are so lucky to be part of your community. So special! Thankyou Yvonne”

The format of the Yoga Retreat is the ideal way to learn, understand and imbibe the principles and practices of yoga in a holistic realistic way and have a great time doing it with your yoga friends.

We look forward to the next one.

If anyone else would like to share their experience of the retreat, to inspire others to join us in future, we’d love to hear from you.

Thanks again everyone.

Om Namah Shivaya Om Shakti

Rob and Theresa

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Svarupa Yoga Retreat at Yogareal Sunday 29 October 2023 9:30am – 5pm

5 September 2023

Svarupa Yoga Retreat
at Yogareal
Sunday 29 October 2023
9:30am – 5pm

Hi Everyone

Once again the amazing Sound Bath was booked out and everyone was buzzing – during and after!!!  So wonderful to have Jarrah and Dan melting away the tensions with their transcendent sound vibrations. Such a wonderful afternoon, and everyone felt the uplifting effects for days after. We look forward to the next Sound Bath at the start of 2024.

To continue and expand the journey for everyone….

By popular demand, we’re having a One Day Yoga Retreat at Yogareal in Albert Park on Sunday 29 October 2023.

The Svarupa Yoga Retreat


The one day retreat will be covering the essential components of yoga for each individual to allow themselves to come from the point of Svarupa in their day to day lives, which is their essential, free, light-hearted, open-hearted, life-force coming through.

For each person to develop this ability in themselves is to release the internal ingrained holding patterns that oppose and restrict a person from experiencing their own inherent Svarupa.

We’ll be exploring and experiencing the following:

  • Specifically outlining the Prana Vayus. How they energise and activate everything in oneself in terms of one’s perceptions, thoughts and actions. If these Vayus are dormant or sluggish in any way, a person’s wellbeing and how they feel about themselves and life will be undermined. Through identifying these Vayus and working with them we’ll be activating them.
  • Physical Asana Practice – specific asanas for awakening the Vayus.
  • Unique use of unique props for unique people to assist in releasing tensions and restrictions
  • Videos that will assist to activate and energise these areas
  • Wholesome Vegetarian Lunch
  • Uplifted company

Come to the Retreat and have a fabulous, unique and transformative time.

Book Now for Svarupa Yoga Retreat


Rob and the Yogareal Team

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Sound Bath at Yogareal Sunday 27 August 2023 4pm-5:15pm

2 August 2023

Sound Bath at Yogareal
Sunday 27 August 2023

Hi Everyone

There’s less than a month to go till our next Sound Bath at Yogareal on Sunday 27 August 2023, 4pm – 5:15pm.

Don’t miss out – our last Sound Bath was booked out, so book your ticket now to avoid disappointment.

Online bookings are essential, you can book and see more information here , and click here to see video.

We look forward to seeing you at this wonderful sound healing event.


Rob & Theresa, Jarrah, and the Yogareal Team



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Raja Yoga and International Yoga Dayat Yogareal 

16 June 2023

Raja Yoga and International Yoga Day
at Yogareal 

International Yoga Day is on this coming Wednesday 21st June 2023.

These beautiful fantail pigeons are continually opening their heart, breathing, feeling and extending the front of the body and getting the breath to go up into the chest and into the head. Very expressive and extremely enchanting and exquisite to watch.

This straight away reminded us of the Raja Kapotasana (King Pigeon Pose) postures which require these qualities to come through and the energy to rise to the crown centre which is Sahasrar or Thousand Petal Lotus.

By breathing feeling, extending, and lifting out a person transforms their state from thinking or duality, to the state of unity consciousness or yoga – higher mind, breathing and feeling, ongoing awareness.  This feeling extends internally and externally.

We’ve been practicing the Raja Kapotasana postures since King’s Birthday. Classical Yoga is wanting everyone to transform hatha yoga or postures into Raja Yoga or Regal/Royal Yoga, which is the whole of the eight-fold path of classical yoga.  This happens when the breath moves up to the crown centre and a person experiences unified awareness.  Then the experience of ongoing meditation and yoga are there for everyone ongoing in their life.

To celebrate International Yoga Day, come to class at Yogareal as often as you can this week and ongoing to experience this for yourself.


Rob & Theresa and the Yogareal Team

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