27 October 2021 THE YOGAREAL CLASS THAT STARTS THE NATION!!! WE’RE BACK!!! Starting Monday 1st November 2021 at 6:30pm Online Bookings Essential Please bring your mobile phone to every class to checkin with the QR code and confirm your vaccination status – which by government requirement we all need to be double vaxed. Look forward to Read More


22 September 2021 Hi Everyone Hope you’re all going well. To breathe that little bit more deeply and consciously ongoing especially at this time, will ensure that you’re always going well.  This process of breathing more deeply and fully happens to you on a subconscious automatic level regularly during each and every day in your Read More

Experience the Light of Consciousness

20 August 2021 THE LIGHT OF CONSCIOUSNESS IS ALWAYS THERE Hi Everyone Just touching base and making sure everyone’s ok, uplifted and breathing a long symmetrical breath ongoing.  Keeping this happening will allow you to be grounded in your body, healthy and happy, and your thinking mind will then be in synchronicity with your higher mind. Otherwise, your Read More

See you very soon 💕

6 August 2021 Due to the latest Victorian government regulations, Yogareal will be closed until further notice. Breathing fully – inhale – exhale – inhale – exhale – this will ensure you stay balanced internally, allowing you to then stay uplifted and stay present during this time. Om Namah Shivaya! 🕉💙 Sending lots of love, Read More

Today’s Class – Shoulderstand with Ball – 27 June 2021

It’s all happening at Yogareal!  We’re having lots of fun, with lots of respiration, inspiration and innovation.  Working on what’s essential for your wellbeing, harmony, stamina, core strength, stability.  A strong, long rhythmic breath through your nose, therefore strengthening your immune system.  A balanced rhythmic Ujjayi breath through the nose. And we’re working from the Read More


YOGAREAL REOPENING Friday 18 June 2021 *masks are required for now *only 10 people per class *online bookings essential We’re all very excited to see you all very soon!! 👏🏼🎪🤸🏽‍♂️🕵️‍♀️🐣❤️🌞🕉 Love Rob and the Yogareal Team BOOK YOUR YOGAREAL CLASS NOW

Lockdown Extended – I’m organised appropriately! ARE YOU?

3 June 2021 Hi Everyone So the lockdown’s extended, and I’m organised appropriately!   ARE YOU? For me that means being consciously relaxed and energised and grounded.  I make a point of consciously relaxing my bottom jaw and breathing deeper and more symmetrically through the nose ongoing, and I soften my physical eyes. By doing Read More

Beautiful Day at Yogareal

23 May 2021 Hi Everyone Beautiful day at Yogareal today.  The sun is shining, the golden autumn leaves are falling. To enable this beautiful day to permeate every aspect of your being ongoing, the sympathetic nervous system needs to be stronger, thus more vital in yourself. And the parasympathetic nervous system need to be awakened far Read More

Evening Yoga Classes with Robert Byrne at Yogareal

12 April 2021 Everyone’s having a great time at the evening classes at Yogareal.  The atmosphere’s vibrant, light-hearted and enthusiastic.  We’re all using the balls which helps us to stay in each posture for longer and fine tune the posture and breathe more fully and freely. You feel great! You feel grounded. You feel light-hearted. Read More