Yogareal – a dynamic practice with understanding and heart.

flexibility ~ stamina ~ strength ~ vitality
conscious breathing ~ a quiet clear mind
free of anxiety and depression ~ sleep soundly
A happy and healthy life!

Robert Byrne – One Of The Most
Experienced Yoga Teachers In Melbourne

Over the past 40 years Robert Byrne has developed a unique and transformative style of yoga unlike anything or anyone else’s. This cuts right to the chase while maintaining lightheartedness. Simple, clear, fun and practical. You’ll go into areas in yourself where you’ve never been before and that need addressing for you to be where you’d like to be in yourself and in your life. This will take you to a position of I AM or a sense of Self-presence in yourself. This is the ultimate goal of all practices – Self-realisation or realising Self relative to everything else that you do in your life.


6:15am - 7:15am
Yogareal Yoga and Meditation Class
6:15am - 7:30am

6.15am - 7.30am
Holistic Vinyasa Yogareal Class
10:15am - 11:30am
Beginners General Yogareal Class
10:15am - 11.30am
Beginners General Yogareal Class
10:30am - 11:45am
Yogareal Beginners Yoga Course
10:30am - 11:45am
Yogareal Beginners / Intermediate Yoga Course
7pm - 8:15pm
Yogareal Beginners Yoga Course
7pm - 8:15pm
Yogareal Beginners / Intermediate Yoga Course
7pm - 8:15pm
Vital Vinyasa Yogareal Class
7pm - 8.15pm
Yogareal Restorative Yoga Class
6.30pm - 7:45pm
Friday Flow Yogareal Class

Yogareal is open 7 days a week, including public holidays, except Christmas / New Year Holiday period.

*All are welcome to drop into any course or class.

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Yogareal Yoga


Yoga is more than just a stretch class – it’s the way you view things, the way you live your life.
Having a balanced approach. Living happily and harmoniously with yourself and others.
It all begins with a long, balanced breath…
Join countless students who have transformed their lives through practicing at Yogareal.
Here are some of their inspirational stories…



Michael Argyrou – 
Managing Director 
Hickory Group Pty Ltd
I have been attending Yogareal for nearly 13 years and can honestly say that it is the most transformative experience I have ever had. I have referred many friends to the studio and they all thank me for introducing them to this very special place.Read more


Tony Mims
I had been practising yoga at a few places before I met Rob and the Yogareal studio. Although I was enjoying the stretching, it felt like just a group exercise class. I was still stressed and anxious. I wondered if that was yoga. I spoke to a teacher who I trusted and they said if you really want to understand yoga, you have to get taught by Rob Byrne.Read more


Alysha Darcy
I have been practicing at Yoga Real for 8+ years now. Rob’s teaching is profound, but accessible to anyone at any stage of their yoga journey. Rob and Theresa have created a welcoming, calm and unpretentious environment that facilitates true transformation.Read more


Christine Ashton
Rob is very patient and a great teacher, feel wonderful when I have been to a class, I recommend them to all.

13 August 2018


Anne Creaton
So much of life now is fast, is transient, shallow and non authentic. It can leave you feeling lost and empty. Joining this community of yoga practitioners helps restore physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.Read more


Simone Bilaver
I have been coming to classes at YogaReal for over 10 years. I had attended several yoga studios before this, ranging in style from Ashtanga, Bikram and Kundalini. While I enjoyed each of these practices, they didn’t grab me like YogaReal did.Read more


Robyn Murtagh
I was serious about yoga for more than ten years spending time in an Ashram in India and centres in Victoria. There are many variations of the practice but this studio is the real deal teaching breathing as a basis for yoga rather than pure gymnastics.Read more


Vinita Weaven
“A guru is not someone who holds the torch for you. He is the Torch” Sadhguru.

Coming from India, I had been practicing Yoga on and off for nearly a decade without really understanding the true meaning of Yoga up until a year ago. I had all the knowledge and the resources to know that Yoga is not just exercise but a lifestyle.

But to experience what I only knew by intellect, happened at YOGAREAL.
Read more


Ian Cunningham
I’ve been going to YogaReal for 3 years now after searching in the area for a studio that had a great balance of a strong physical practice with focus on precision with depth. They have 8 week beginner courses that are suitable for all levels and give a good base for the range of postures they cover in the more intense practices. I love it here, easily the best yoga studio I have found, the teachings have depth and you just feel great walking into the studio and of course after the class!
Read more


Johnny Wood
I have been practising with Robert Byrne since 1992 – 26 years.
Yogareal is true to its name. One imbibes a feeling of the universal and this is evidenced by the distinct accord between what is happening in the studio and outside of the studio. There is a definite flow on effect that maintains the standard of living that one experiences in the studio.Read more


Claire Murphy
Yoga is something truly special and important to my physical and mental health and happiness. I’ve tried many different places and instructors but have always returned back to YogaReal with Rob and other teachers of Yoga here.Read more


Hugh Jack
Before moving up to Queensland, the fifteen years I spent practicing under the guidance of Robert Byrne and in the environment at Yogareal were and continue to be life changing!Read more


Geraldine James
I discovered Yogareal a couple of years ago, through the recommendation of my brother who recognised that I could benefit from the holistic approach that Rob, Theresa and the team teach. I needed another way to deal with stress – and I haven’t looked back.Read more


James Bilaver
I’ve been fortunate enough to have been a student here on and off for the last six years. Even though I can’t make it as often as I like, I’m always greeted with a warm smile and an awakening class. Rob is a fantastic teacher and supported by a wonderful team.

3 September 2018


Rose Gazdowicz
I have incorporated Yogareal principles into my lifestyle. I feel fortunate to be part of the Yogareal family. Robert, Theresa and the team imbibe a complete, sensitive and holistic approach to all aspects of yoga. I can highly recommend this practice to someone that is looking for more than just postures.Read more


Joanne Billesdon
It took me awhile to find a yoga studio in Melbourne, not for the lack of them, but I wanted a place where there could be a deeper connection to the real meaning of yoga, I had been doing an Ayurveda course at the time and had been learning a lot through my study.Read more


Carolyn Lockman
I was an unwell child growing up in the ‘70’s and after no success from doctors in finding the cause of my ailment and out of sheer desperation my mother took me to a naturopath over 40 km away in Croydon. Frowned upon by many ignorant people back then, this man changed my life and helped me to overcome my “malfunctioning parathyroid glands.” He also introduced my mother to yoga. Even though I never attended the classes I watched my mother practise her breathing daily.
Read more


Vivian Gerand
At Yogareal yoga is taught holistically which means that it is taught both as a very well-instructed physical asana practice and as a philosophy of being available to life. I have been attending Rob’s classes for more than 15 years and can attest that they are truly life-enhancing and stay with you even when you’re not in class.

11 November 2018


Frequently Asked Questions


• Wear comfy exercise clothes that you can sweat and move freely
• Towel
• Water bottle
• Yoga mat if you have one
• An open heart and mind
• Also, arrive at least 10 minutes before class, so you have enough time to meet your teacher and settle in.
• Avoid eating a large meal within 2 hours prior to class. But if you’re hungry have a light snack, like a piece of fruit.
• And turn off your mobile phone while in the studio ; )

You can practise as often as you like, but you will already see great benefits from practising 2-3 per week.

We recommend you start by attending any of our Beginners Courses.

Ensure you have your doctor’s approval before joining us.

Mon-Thurs 7pm and Sat 10:30am are the best times when we can support women through their pregnancy. While enjoying the uplifting class dynamic, you’ll have the support of one of the teachers working specifically with you in the class, offering appropriate alternatives to postures as required, for whatever stage you are in your pregnancy. All of our regular students who have become mums over the years, have loved working in this way during their pregnancy.

Partners are welcome to come along for a stretch too! Practising together as a couple creates a great foundation for family life.

After giving birth, return to the studio when you’re ready, to re-energise and nurture yourself, be strong and grounded, and cruise into your new role in parenthood.

Call Theresa on 0419 504 831 to make arrangements.

Yes, in all classes our teachers have the ability to suggest variations to suit your abilities. Remember to speak to the teacher about your injuries and check with your doctor before joining.

Yoga is suitable for everyone at all fitness levels.

Before a person undertakes yoga in it’s complete presentation, all factors of ones life are mixed up together. Because of this a person then wonders why they are continually ‘dropping the ball’.

Yogareal will enable you to juggle all aspects of your life. You will feel uplifted, balanced and complete. You’ll have enough fire to undertake transformation on all levels – physical, psychological and spiritual. Your body will feel vital, strong and grounded. Your breath will become long and symmetrical. Your mind will become quiet, relaxed and sharp. You’ll feel the best you’ve ever felt.

Over the past 40 years Robert has developed a unique and transformative style of yoga unlike anything or anyone else’s. This cuts right to the chase while maintaining lightheartedness. Simple, clear, fun and practical.

You’ll go into areas in yourself where you’ve never been before and that need addressing for you to be where you’d like to be in yourself and in your life. This will take you to a position of I AM or a sense of Self-presence in yourself. This is the ultimate goal of all practices – Self-realisation or realising Self relative to everything else that you do in your life.

Come and experience this for yourself!

Yogareal Studio News

  • unnamed-1.jpg

    Harry and Meghan in Albert Park ~ Fly with Yogareal ~ Restorative Yoga


    Harry & Meghan at Albert Park Primary

    Harry and Meghan visit Albert Park Primary – right accross the road from Yogareal!


    So much excitement in Albert Park the whole suburb was buzzing with love, lightness and upliftment and a fabulous community spirit! Right out the front of Yogareal Studio at the Albert Park Primary School. Blossoms cascaded down from beautiful golden elm trees over the huge crowd gathering to welcome Harry and Meghan – the Royal Role Models for inspiring and encouraging positive community based initiatives for wellbeing and harmony of the individual, communities and the planet. From the sustainable garden that Harry and Meghan were visiting, created by the Albert Park Primary School, to the Invictus Games, to mental health and wellbeing and everything in between.

    This same community spirit of health, upliftment and wellbeing is what we provide at Yogareal, but on a very personal level for each individual.

    We’re always here to keep you healthy, happy and in a good state of mind to allow you to live your life to the fullest!

    The combination of a holistic yoga practice at Yogareal, the Yogareal Community, and an uplifting lifestyle connected with nature, will enable this to happen automatically. By connecting with and harmonising the 5 elements inside yourself through a yoga practice at Yogareal, you automatically connect with the 5 elements outside and then live in harmony with those elements. This is the holistic science of Yoga.

    When this happens your energy FLIES UP inside, and you’ll automatically feel uplifted, expansive and balanced. The process of Raj or Royal Yoga begins for you.

    In the new Restorative Yoga Class, on Thursday nights at 7pm, we’re using the white cubes (ottomans), as a comfy prop/module – ideal for a very large range of postures due to their size, comfort and stability – they support, stabilise, and correct your alignment. People can then stay in the correct posture for a lot longer period of time, breathe deeper, relax, re-align and regain the length and openness in their body. These principles are essential for re-instating harmony and yoga for a person. So that your energies continually FLY UP (frequent flyer points in yoga 🙂 and give you length, a deep vitality and wellbeing ongoing.

    We’ve collected a number of testimonials – many thanks to everyone who’s contributed. If you haven’t had a chance to write one yet, it’s not too late – we’d love to hear from you and so would everyone else! Testimonials give new people particularly, a sense of the Yogareal Community and supports their decision to experience the transformational benefits of yoga at Yogareal. We’ve never worried much about all that sort of thing before, but it’s how people communicate these days and how the digital age works.

    Speaking of the digital age we’re migrating our booking system across to Mindbody. Once you sign up for an account with us via the Mindbody app or our website, (call Theresa on 0419504831 if you need help with this) you’ll have access to your account details, you’ll know how many classes you have left on your class pass, you’ll have a history of all your payments, starting with your first payment in your Mindbody account. Our current card system will be phased out – so you’ll never need to worry about losing your card again – and neither will we 😉 ! Yee-haa!!

    We’ve refreshed and streamlined our website – let us know what you think.

    We’ve also made a number of changes to our timetable, so have a look at that also.

    The Raja Yoga Course we ran though winter was very well received and transformative for all those who attended. With many having insights about yoga and themselves they’ve never had before, transforming their relationships with family members and work colleagues through that understanding. Everyone who attended has YET ANOTHER TOOL IN THEIR TOOL BAG TO PUT THEIR LIFE BACK TOGETHER! This process will continue at a future date to be announced…

    So Come Fly With Us! At Yogareal make your life better than you ever thought possible.

    Lots of Love
    Rob, Theresa, and everyone at Yogareal

    read more
  • Benchwork-Post-Aug18.jpg

    Upcoming Workshop: 25th August SATURDAY SPA

    Hello Everyone

    Beautiful day…

    It’s time for the Saturday Spa!

    Stretch, lengthen, breathe fully and align your body – the benches do it all for you. You just have to lie there and relax. And as you do that, your mind will become quiet and expansive. You’ll feel grounded, and yet a lightness in the heart and a quietness of mind.

    It’s all simple, and we’ve got new openings to explore on the benches, to encourage all these things above to happen naturally.

    Followed by chai, nibblies and good company. What could be better!!

    A perfect time to reset everything for the warmer weather which is on the way.

    Bookings are essential as there are limited spaces.

    Saturday Spa

    Saturday 25 August 2018, 3:30-5:30pm

    (Guru Gita and 10:30am Beginners Yoga will not run on this day)

    Look forward to seeing you there.

    Love Rob

    Click Here for all information, and BOOK ONLINE TODAY! 

    read more