Final week of Yogareal Beginners Course: 21st – 27th August 

Taught “PROPERLY” so the shoulder girdle’s open and therefore supportive.  The spine is running – therefore lifting – vertebrae opening, back muscles lengthening, stable and strong.  Continuing through the pelvis into the inner leg and feet.

These progressive openings are essential with a strong symmetrical breath, so therefore a headstand practitioner has no undue weight on the head or neck, and enough fire (symetrical breath through the navel and length through side waist, with uddiyanna bandha).  So that the posture is light and balanced, and the energy flows to the crown of the head, glands, and energy centres in the skull.

The headstand or shirshasana is considered the king of all postures or the most important of the 84,000 postures. 

Be the king of your universe!  The first thing is to see everything from a different perspective, this in itself is a revelation and transformative for the consciousness.

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Real Yoga Allows the REAL YOU to Come Through

We’re up and running with Term 3 – but it’s not too late to join us !

Real Yoga allows the REAL YOU to come through.

Clear the debris, clear the holding patterns in your mind, body, and in your breath. These patterns are created and perpetuated in day-to-day life, creating restriction, and therefore not allowing your energy to flow and you to experience lightness in your heart and mind.

Feel all these levels in yourself, becoming liberated, light and elevated, during class and ongoing after you leave.



The studio’s nice and cozy with our new eco heaters 😊 🏋🏽

Lots of Love and see you soon!

Rob and The Yogareal Team

Yogareal Booking Options

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Term Three is nearly here!

STARTS NEXT WEEK – Join us for Robert’s Beginners Course!

Accessible for everyone and ideal for all students, Robert’s Beginners Course offers a complete yoga practice!

With the support of props and Robert’s innovative techniques, all main styles of yoga and categories of postures are incorporated.

You’ll learn how to breathe a full yogic breath, and sit back from the chatter of the mind.

Over eight weeks, the body will open, extend, align and become strong. Postures will continually be refined and taken to a deeper foundation point, allowing you to connect to your vital energy.

Take the opportunity to feel the best you’ve ever felt – BOOK ONLINE TODAY! 

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Easter at Yogareal

Yogareal will be OPEN for the following classes over the Easter break:

Good Friday           14th April                                                       

10 – 11:30am                Vinyasa Yoga             (Angelique)

Easter Saturday    15th April 

10:30am -12:00pm     Beginners Yoga               (Robert)

Easter Sunday      16th April 

10:30am -12:00pm     Sunday Yoga                    (Robert)

Easter Monday      17th April 

7 – 8:30pm                    Beginners Yoga                (Robert)

All other classes will NOT run during this time (including the Guru Gita).

Wishing you a wonderful Easter Break!

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