Friday 12 February 2021

Hi Everyone

Beautiful day.  Due to Government Restrictions Yogareal Studio will be closed until we re-open for the Thursday Night Class at 6:30pm Thurs 18 Feb 2021.

At times like this, the references of everyone’s lives are different to the way their lives are normally.  When this is the case, people in themselves are disoriented, and therefore that tendency of disorientation comes out in their personalities, approaches and communications with other people and their world around them.

It’s more important than ever for each person to consciously breathe deeper more continually ongoing.  And therefore enable themselves to retain a balanced approach to everything and everyone.  Try and allow this time to be enjoyable and a time to make a stronger connection with your Self and your approach to life and people.  And that will then be experienced by everyone and everything you come in contact with.

This appears to be a very small thing, but it’s a massive thing.  It’s really the essence of everything.  Because it’s an opportunity to change tendencies and approaches that are deep in one’s own unconscious mind that really perpetuate habits of continually thinking, worrying, feeling and projecting these feelings onto other people, oneself and life in general.

Over the last few weeks at Yogareal Studio, we’ve been working intensively on lengthening, strengthening and stretching the inner breath, so for each person, there’s ample breath or Prana internally to activate the whole brain simultaneously.  This creates harmony and upliftment under all life’s situations. And the external breath is minimal, so really no energy is lost or expelled. And one’s own immune system is strengthened and invigorated.

Everyone has been doing extremely well and tuning into this process wonderfully in themselves.  With the result of each person being relaxed, conscious, and awakening the whole of their brain which understands and perceives more the bigger picture of life and what’s happening in themselves and in life.

So take care.  Breathe longer and deeper continually ongoing…

Look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Lots of Love

And we’ll see you back in class next Thursday evening onwards…

Rob and the Yogareal Team



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20 January 2021

Hi Everyone

We’re up and running with 2021!  🤸🏾‍♀️

It’s all in the video – determination, clarity, light-heartedness, setting the compass on the right direction, to achieve positive, uplifting, fulfilling results, in yourself, for yourself, for everyone else and the planet.

It all takes place by tuning into your different koshas, or layers or frequencies or sheathes in yourself.

Annamaya Kosha – Physical Sheath

Pranamaya Kosha – Breath / Energy Sheath

Manomaya Kosha – Thinking / Worrying / Doubting Mind Sheath

Vijnanamaya Kosha – Intellect Sheath ~ Higher / Intuitive Mind Sheath

Anandamaya Kosha – Bliss Sheath from within

Accessing your different sheaths consciously in yourself is initiated by breathing a little deeper and continually, working with your Ujjayi breathing, and consciously getting your alignment and lightness in yourself and in your body.

Literally awakening areas in yourself that have been dormant forever and enabling those areas to expand to full potential in yourself and in life.  This happens through breathing, tuning the alignment a bit more and being able to spread your awareness.

All this is what’s required this year for every person and the universe.

It’s all pretty straight-forward, especially since the universal situation has set up requirements for everyone, eg not travelling so much, social distancing and really living with a far more balanced awareness of everything and everyone, including the planet and the environment.

The media has reported that the number one priority for everyone this year is mental wellbeing and physical wellbeing and a balanced life. This is what people are consciously wanting and requiring.

True wellbeing, total wellbeing can only happen, if a person breathes a bit deeper, and therefore awakens their higher mind and then of course acts on that, while breathing rhythmically.

This is what happens in the cartoon when the “2” tunes into the fact of what it’s got to do and then calls in the “1” to act in a conscious manner to change the overall dynamic of the situation.  That insight comes from within, through breathing a little deeper, tuning into the higher mind, insight or the Self within.  Instead of being overwhelmed, and continually thinking and being stuck in the situation and not being able to act and then becoming depressed.  And then having to suffer the consequences of that situation.

It’s only possible to change any situation by breathing a bit deeper and then acting in a more light-hearted, clear, uplifted manner.  This is one’s Higher mind.

For everyone on the planet, this is what needs to happen in their life for mental wellbeing and integration of challenging situations.

We’ve been practicing these techniques and working with these themes already this year and everyone’s been experiencing tremendous benefits and we’ll be continuing this work into this year with everyone.

We’re fulfilling Covid cleaning processes and practices, keeping everyone safe and the studio is sparkling!  We’re maintaining social distancing.  Masks are not required, but are optional.

Look forward to seeing you soon.



Rob and The Yogareal Team

PS Special thanks to Raktaka in Boston for sharing the video with us, so we could share it with you!



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We’re Up and Dancing at Yogareal


6 December 2020

Hi Everyone

As from today, we can breathe and move more easily and freely at Yogareal.

The Dance of Life, symbolised in the Murti or Statue of Nataraj (pictured above) – is the first One you meet as you enter Yogareal Studio.  And as such nothing really has to be said.  Nataraj conveys it all.  The Dance of Life works on a very intuitive, deep sub-conscious level, but also on a subtle conscious level in terms of your vision and your senses.  Encapsulating the status of Yoga and the status you’re seeking to attain in yourself at Yoga and through Yoga.  Movement, rhythm, lightheartedness, freedom, are conveyed by Nataraj, and of course balancing on one leg, arms and legs outstretched, and surrounded by tongues of fire indicating that life’s not going to be straightforward – it’s challenging and and there’s heat involved, fire – on all levels physically, breath wise, psychologically and emotionally.  However, it’s also a transformative experience.  The Circle indicates the Cycles of Life, and moving in rhythm with those Cycles of Life.

The Ultimate Dancer in Life is Your Self.  Moving more freely in life, breathing in rhythm with the synchronicity of your SoHam mantra – which is your natural rise and fall of your natural breath, under the adversity of life’s experience.

And for quite a while now we’ve had to wear a mask to protect that Life Force in yourself and therefore everyone’s Life Force in themselves.

As from tomorrow the masks are no longer mandatory for students in class, but you’re welcome to use them if you prefer.

So from now on everything should become more enjoyable, more joyous and more lighthearted, and most importantly, communication with others in terms of face and eyes and tuning into subtle expressions.  The heart is indicated by the face and if you can’t see the person’s face it’s very hard to tune into the deeper levels of that person and what they’re actually conveying and feeling.


Time for smooth sailing… consciously….

We’re allowed to have more people in each class, so you can now attend as frequently as you like.  We’ll all need to keep conscious of social distancing so everything flows smoothly, and we continue to look after each other.

Online Bookings are Essential to Attend Classes at Yogareal.

Over the break we’ve connected with a new, simple booking system called Punchpass.

You will need to:

  1. Create an Account
  2. Purchase a Class Pass (if you don’t already have a valid pass or credit remaining from our old payment system)
  3. Reserve your space for each class you’d like to attend
  4. You can cancel your reservation/s if you need to (please do so 24 hrs in advance to avoid being charged for the class).
  5. If you have a busy schedule, and you’re likely to need to cancel at the last minute, better to book on the same day of the class you’d like to attend (at least 1 hour before class starts).

You can access Punchpass on our website via the following links:

Purchase a Yogareal Class Pass
View Yogareal Schedule and Reserve your Space in class

Call us if you have any questions on 0419504831.


And then Santa comes 🎅🏼🎄🌟

As per the sign above, we’ll be open for a lot longer than normal over the Christmas / New Year Festive Season this year because we’ve missed you all so much!

See you soon

Lots of Love

Rob and The Yogareal Team

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Yogareal – Awakening your Inner Presence

Yogareal – Awakening your Inner Presence

2 October 2020

Hi Everyone

Hope you’re all well, remembering to breathe nice and deeply and long and symmetrically through the nose inhale exhale.  Keeping the bottom jaw soft and your face awake and relaxed.
This will keep you very present in your body, vital and uplifted, healthy and happy – attending to whatever you need to do at any given moment in your life.

For all of us it’s a time of patience as we all know.  Patience means waiting.  Waiting is a skill – the ultimate skill.  Without sinking or being overwhelmed.  Sinking means thinking!  And this will mean becoming overwhelmed.  Waiting is really meditation – by breathing, watching and staying conscious.  This is what’s required ongoing at the moment for everyone – particularly in Melbourne, Victoria.

Part of this ultimate skill is of course – not comparing.  Be aware of what’s happening everywhere and around you – but don’t compare.

This of course means you have to be breathing, otherwise you can’t do this, you’ll start thinking and compare.

All of these principles are the difference between the thinking mind running the show or awareness running the show.  Awareness of the Higher principles or Higher Self coming through in yourself.

All of the above is Yoga – proper Yoga – realistic Yoga – Yoga in life – your life – making Yoga a living thing for you.

Yoga means union – your individual self with your Higher Self,  and then allowing that Higher Self to flow out to the universe around you – this is then Universal Self.  All these three have to be working together in synchronicity – your individual self is your personality or the identity of who you think you are, your Higher Self is your guiding light or intuition coming through, and Universal Self is the world around you in a Unified Form.

All of these three themes Individual self – Higher Self and Universal Self appear to be different, however on a deeper level of course, they’re all One.

The position you need to sit in, or the posture, or the asana, is really a psychological asana or position at this stage.  It’s literally where you sit in Yourself.  This needs to carry through ongoing.

The posture, the asana as I’ve expressed is floating – floating sadhana.  Floating with the Universal Life Force or what’s happening in life, and therefore awakening the intelligence in yourself in that moment. Sadhana is a spiritual practice which Unifies.  Sadhana means process/practice/approach/mindset/lifestyle – these are all synonymous terms connecting to different layers of yourself and therefore creating harmony.

And ‘holding the fort’ at the studio is Hanuman – a perfect example – waiting contentedly, happily, for us all to return.

The key to all this approach, the essence of all this approach is when your mind merges with what you do by breathing a long and symmetrical conscious breath ongoing – meditation takes place in yourself and in life, and time dissolves and passes very quickly.

Which is of course what we’re all wanting at this time.

Take care, lots of love, and we look forward to seeing you soon,

Rob, Hanuman and Yogareal Team

Om Namah Shivaya
Thank you Baba
At the Highest Level
All is One
And all of You are One with That
Know That
Find That
Sit in That
Reside in That
and LOVE THAT!!!
Om Namah Shivaya



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Yes We’re Here! – and Yes You’re There! – Hello! 😊 ❤️ 🏡

Hi Everyone

Hope this email finds you healthy, happy and uplifted.

To maintain a strong breathing rhythm in yourself ongoing, especially under adversity, will enable the qualities above to come through naturally, normally and automatically.

This really is the foundation of Yoga and of course the foundation of Life. And especially the foundation in Stage Four Restrictions.

It’s really meditation ongoing in your life – or in other words – living meditation. In Yoga it’s known as conscious awareness of the SoHam mantra. This is your natural mantra of your natural breath rising symmetrically, ongoing in your life, while you do whatever you do. However this breath will tend to restrict itself subconsciously unbeknownst to you if you are anxious or fearful or worry or think too much.
Here in Melbourne, we’re now in Stage Four Restrictions. Which have been established by the Victorian Government to compel social distancing to take place more completely for everyone. So that problem areas which were previously going undiagnosed and unaddressed, can be rectified. Stage Four Restrictions, amongst other things include the mandatory wearing of masks, a curfew between the hours 8pm and 5am, and Melbournians must stay within a 5km radius of their home, at all times unless they have a permit to do otherwise. Largely we’re only allowed to leave home for 1 hour per day for grocery shopping (only one person allowed) or exercise (can be a walk or run with 1 other person). As a result of all these restrictions and many more, a lot of lifestyle themes, or ways of life are now, of course, compromised for everyone.

The tricky part with all this, or the challenge for most people, is to not be overwhelmed by their thinking mind, when their lifestyle, which acts as a support system for them, is restricted or denied.

If you’re strong enough with your mind, at this point, you’ll be able to use your Higher Mind to see the greater good, and move away from doubts and fears when they come up. This will straight away create more space and faith in what’s unfolding, as opposed to needing to know what’s happening at every minute. If you do this you’ll be automatically breathing in a relaxed manner.

If you can observe clearly enough, you’ll be able to see in yourself, that whenever you feel good or uplifted, you’re breathing in a very relaxed manner and not thinking. Your breath will be literally breathing you. This further enhances your Higher Mind becoming your guiding light ongoing.

This is really Vipassana – the meditation technique by which Buddha attained Enlightenment. It literally means “to see things as they are”, as opposed to seeing things how your mind would like things to be, or how you imagine things to be. Vipassana’s foundation is your breathing, and you continually maintaining awareness of your breathing, and awareness of what’s happening inside and outside at the same time. And not being overwhelmed or disoriented by what comes up internally as sensation, emotion or mindset.
If you continue to breathe rhythmically and observe, the tendencies of fear and doubt that are arising, will clear themselves and you’ll feel lighter and freer.


This time is a great opportunity for everyone to practice this.

When you’re doing your home practice – and everyone should be doing something regularly at home. Try to be very mindful of your breathing as you’re going through the postures. This will be more amplified in your home environment as you won’t have the distraction of a class format and other students around you. And you’ll be more sensitive to what’s happening internally eg your breath. Make your breath an Ujjayi breath which you can hear with your internal and external ear as it moves through the back of your throat. This will keep your Higher Mind continually awake and active and guiding you.

If you’d like a video to support you, you can practice using this Video which Chris made, of Rob’s Yoga Class at Yogareal Studio:

The essence is to remember to breathe and hence have a stronger connection to one’s Higher Self. On all levels – physically, vitally, mentally and emotionally, then this will automatically connect you with Spirit.

This is really what takes place when a person does a physical practice. They physically move, and therefore they invigorate by breathing more, and deeper. They further invigorate by re-aligning. They further invigorate and gain clarity and Higher Awareness by making their breath rhythmic and longer, through a range of postures.

This of course grounds a person in their body no matter what’s happening, and allows that same energy to flow through up to the heart, so a person feels more in themself what’s happening. And then that energy flows through to the centres in the head, and then a person feels fulfillment, balance, peace and unity under adversity.
This of course doesn’t mean breathing on everyone – but keeping the breath long and balanced in yourself.

Also, by consciously and deliberately softening the facial muscles, the jaw, the eyes, the soft palate, one will be able to regulate and monitor this energy more easily and more completely.

Please remember you’re not alone. Even though we can’t come together at the studio, we’re together in spirit – always. You’ll tend to remember things from the class when you need to. Especially if you’re consciously trying to put things into practice at home and in your life that you’ve learnt in class. This will bring about imbibing the teachings and practices in yourself. And enhance your breathing tremendously into a relaxed full breath.

We appreciate and understand that some will be having a more challenging time than others – with loved ones and with work situations. If you need help ask for it. Whether you require financial assistance, physical or mental health support, there are a myriad of support systems available to you. Although you’re physically separated, stay consciously connected to your loved ones and your community. If you have the slightest concerns about anyone, ring them and touch base.

Try to always see the positive side of all things, even though initially you may be a bit disoriented or overwhelmed.

Try to always see the bigger picture with the awareness and understanding that “This too will pass.”

We’ll continue to be in contact.

Lots of Love

Rob and the Yogareal Team





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How to override automatic patterns within yourself

Hi Everyone,

Full breath is essential for our well being and energy flow, but the anxious, fearful, overwhelmed mind often overrides everything and grips your breath, making it short and shallow.

Initially you won’t even recognize this, as it will happen below the threshold of your awareness. As soon as you can bring this from subconscious into your consciousness, or in other words see it happen, then you have the opportunity to change this pattern.

It’s like in postures, when things get hard and you stop breathing, things start to collapse. Breathing and pushing the breath through, opens different areas of the brain and literally changes the patterns that have been there forever. Patterns that are like a groove that is continuously imprinted into the consciousness, a habit, a pattern, a pathway in the brain, that happens automatically and the person just follows that.

The whole of yoga is to clear the old pathways, open things up, change the old tendencies that the person picked up in the very early stages of their life. But you have to be very conscious to be able to do that. Once you are aware, you have a tremendous ability to change things when you are under load or under pressure.

Observe, make the breath stronger and don’t get overwhelmed, don’t go into the groove, and just continue with what you are doing. Start to create a new landscape in your consciousness, in your brain. Develop new approaches in your life – uplifting approaches. Approaches that bring freedom and happiness, instead of feeling and being bound, limited and overwhelmed.

Come and practice with us!

With love,
Rob and everyone at Yogareal

Browse our daily class schedule >>

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We’re so very cosy at the studio – more so than ever before! Which is perfect and a beautiful energy for the Raja Yoga Workshop – celebrating International Yoga Day. The fire element automatically nurtures, supports, uplifts and transforms. Simply by seeing the fire and feeling the warmth, different areas of the brain come into play, which straight away create a sense of harmony balance and fulfillment. This will allow you to go deeper and further in everything you do.

You can now book for all or part of the workshop.

ALL OF IT – all 3 sessions – $150

MOST OF IT – 2 of 3 sessions – $100

SOME OF IT – 1 of 3 sessions $50

Approximate session times below:

7am to 10am – Morning Session (includes breakfast)

12:30pm to 3pm – Afternoon session

5pm to 8:30pm – Evening session (includes dinner)

Concise Yoga Practices
Inversion Machines
Insightful Teachings
Inspiring Videos
Personal time for rest and reflection between sessions.
Beautiful vegetarian meals
Wonderful uplifted social time

Where: Yogareal Studio – Level One, 45 Victoria Ave, Albert Park

When: Saturday 22 June 2019

See you there!

Love Rob


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Raja Yoga Workshop – 1 &1/2 Weeks to go!

Hi Everyone

Beautiful day here in Melbourne. The Bay’s buzzing!

Less than two weeks to go for the Raja Yoga Workshop – a continuation of the Retreat we held in February, which was fabulous, a wonderful group of people and everyone was inspired, uplifted and energised.

The theme of this Workshop –


Listen to life talk to you with every cell of your being.

Breathe, feel, observe, listen.

Listen on all levels

Then respond.

The workshop will be complete in itself, allowing you to change/open out areas in yourself that you’d like to open out and change, in an insightful lighthearted way. Areas that have been holding you back, which you can’t seem to get a handle on and move through yourself. Then this will allow you to respond to life in all circumstances, in a joyful uplifting way, instead of just reacting and being intense.

Approximate session times below:

7am to 10am – Morning Session (includes breakfast)

12:30pm to 3pm – Afternoon session

5pm to 8:30pm – Evening session (includes dinner)

Concise Yoga Practices
Insightful Teachings
Inspiring Videos
Personal time for rest and reflection between sessions.
Beautiful vegetarian meals
Wonderful uplifted social time

Where: Yogareal Studio – Level One, 45 Victoria Ave, Albert Park

When: Saturday 22 June 2019

Cost: $150

See you there!

Love Rob


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