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Svarupa Yoga Retreat at Yogareal Sunday 29 October 2023 9:30am – 5pm

5 September 2023

Svarupa Yoga Retreat
at Yogareal
Sunday 29 October 2023
9:30am – 5pm

Hi Everyone

Once again the amazing Sound Bath was booked out and everyone was buzzing – during and after!!!  So wonderful to have Jarrah and Dan melting away the tensions with their transcendent sound vibrations. Such a wonderful afternoon, and everyone felt the uplifting effects for days after. We look forward to the next Sound Bath at the start of 2024.

To continue and expand the journey for everyone….

By popular demand, we’re having a One Day Yoga Retreat at Yogareal in Albert Park on Sunday 29 October 2023.

The Svarupa Yoga Retreat


The one day retreat will be covering the essential components of yoga for each individual to allow themselves to come from the point of Svarupa in their day to day lives, which is their essential, free, light-hearted, open-hearted, life-force coming through.

For each person to develop this ability in themselves is to release the internal ingrained holding patterns that oppose and restrict a person from experiencing their own inherent Svarupa.

We’ll be exploring and experiencing the following:

  • Specifically outlining the Prana Vayus. How they energise and activate everything in oneself in terms of one’s perceptions, thoughts and actions. If these Vayus are dormant or sluggish in any way, a person’s wellbeing and how they feel about themselves and life will be undermined. Through identifying these Vayus and working with them we’ll be activating them.
  • Physical Asana Practice – specific asanas for awakening the Vayus.
  • Unique use of unique props for unique people to assist in releasing tensions and restrictions
  • Videos that will assist to activate and energise these areas
  • Wholesome Vegetarian Lunch
  • Uplifted company

Come to the Retreat and have a fabulous, unique and transformative time.

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Rob and the Yogareal Team

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