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Awareness is subtle, sensitive, expansive and all-encompassing.


A person’s mind only sees what it wants to see, without seeing the subtleties of what’s actually happening on a deeper level. And then the mind wants to lock things in and not go any further. And then the mind bases everything that it believes on what it’s seen.

Awareness happens by breathing a more relaxed breath, and then sees the subtleties and the nuances of every situation with a light and open heart – Awareness is more breathing and feeling, than thinking. Awareness doesn’t judge, or lock itself into what it sees, thereby not allowing other dimensions to unfold for itself.

Awareness is subtle, sensitive, expansive and all-encompassing.

Awareness is really who you are.



In every situation of life, awareness is wanting to come through – just like Freddie 😊. To enable a person to be more light-hearted and pure-hearted.

This is the essence of being child-like

The ultimate Guru – Life –
is always presenting situations where this can unfold for you. But you have to allow it to happen, and want to see it.
This is the essence of being humble, this is also the essence of Christmas.

It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it, and the motive from which you come (open, pure-hearted)

This is summed up beautifully in the Ashtavakra Gita, 15.1 –

“The pure-hearted person fulfills the supreme purpose of life through the instructions of their Guru, even though they be casually imparted. The worldly minded person studies and enquires throughout their life, yet remains unenlightened.”

It’s fabulous so many of you joined in the game of counting the Yogies – we loved all your responses! And congratulations to eagle-eyes Carolyn, Maria and Marina – we’ll be in touch with you in the new year. It’s so wonderful to play, it’s so wonderful to be light-hearted. It’s not a matter of being right, it’s just a matter of joining in the game and enjoying yourself and allowing your child-like nature to be expressed, without being too serious.

So once again have a fabulous Christmas with your family and loved ones, and we look forward to seeing you next year.

Lots of Love
Rob and the Yogareal Yogies

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