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Beautiful Day at Yogareal

23 May 2021

Hi Everyone

Beautiful day at Yogareal today.  The sun is shining, the golden autumn leaves are falling.

To enable this beautiful day to permeate every aspect of your being ongoing, the sympathetic nervous system needs to be stronger, thus more vital in yourself. And the parasympathetic nervous system need to be awakened far more, so that every aspect of your being is recharged and energised ongoing.  That energy needs to be drawn into the body far more strongly, slowly, rhythmically and symmetrically by inhaling and exhaling through the nose to release the nitric oxide in the nose into the lungs and then into the blood vessels, organs, the whole brain, and the immune system.   This enables a person to be relaxed, vital, uplifted, mindful / aware / conscious ongoing.

99.9% of people breathe minimally through the mouth and hold their breath regularly, damaging and disturbing all aspects of their mind, emotions and body.  When this happens a person is stuck in their frontal brain which is the part of the brain that thinks and worries and becomes anxious, fearful, restless and destructive, and always needing to hook onto something or someone else to feel good.

At Yogareal Studio, we have created simple ways for each person on their mat to re-align, stabilise and lengthen their body, activating more fire in their navel, releasing their diaphragm so that their basic physical pump can work more freely, strongly and uniformly ongoing.  So their breath then nurtures, permeates and harmonises their  whole being and everyone and everything around.  Creating an uplifted, grounded vital and peaceful energy in oneself and in one’s life.

This is essentially a day to day expression of the meaning of Om Namah Shivaya

Om – the universal vibration or frequency which everything resonates at
Namah – I bow to, I appreciate, I respect, I acknowledge
Shivaya – all is Conscious and Consciousness – all is One and connected together – yourself included – NOT EXCLUDED

And the SoHam mantra or your conscious breathing of your incoming and outgoing breath is the resonation of Om in yourself.  (as explained above) awareness of the rise and fall of your natural breathing ongoing, every breath – this links you to Higher Consciousness in your Self, and then Higher Consciousness in the world outside.

It’s easy to feel good when the sun is shining and everything is rosy, however your sun in your naval needs to be shining all the time and creating a rosy feeling and experience in your whole being all the time – this is what we teach and experience at Yogareal – being rosy all the time – conscious, vital, uplifted.

See you there.

Lots of Love


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