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Come along to Yogareal and you’ll be full ‘o beans!!

Hello Everyone

Birds are chirping and it’s Spring. The big elm at the front of the studio is fully “leafed up” (!!) looking glorious, and ready for summer action – are you???!!

We’ve just started our final Courses for 2017 and it’s the perfect time to join us. We’re using simple props to gain the correct alignment and action in each person’s body, for their breath to then flow strongly and fluidly, and therefore create lift, lightness and upliftment which then comes naturally.

AND… You’ll make lots of new friends – good people – happy, healthy and uplifted people. You’ll learn how to be happy and enjoy life. The tendency with adults is for their mind to become too serious and then the joy of life slips through their fingers.

It’s been great to see quite a few students who we haven’t seen for a few years returning and pumped to back in the action at the studio. All expressing how they’ve missed the studio and how good it is to be back.

The Chant last Term was fabulous – everyone exhilarated and buzzing! The next Chant will be on Saturday 3 March 2018 – Be there!

It’s been wonderful having the year 7 students from Albert Park College back at Yogareal Studio, as part of their School program. It’s so important and wonderful at their age to have a strong connection with themselves and therefore have a strong sense of self-esteem and wellbeing. It’s great so many of them are embracing the practice and sharing it with their families at home.

We look forward to seeing you all for the final countdown of 2017, before Santa comes with his bag of goodies.

Love Rob, Theresa and everyone at the Studio

Join us for the FINAL COURSES OF 2017!!

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