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How to override automatic patterns within yourself

Hi Everyone,

Full breath is essential for our well being and energy flow, but the anxious, fearful, overwhelmed mind often overrides everything and grips your breath, making it short and shallow.

Initially you won’t even recognize this, as it will happen below the threshold of your awareness. As soon as you can bring this from subconscious into your consciousness, or in other words see it happen, then you have the opportunity to change this pattern.

It’s like in postures, when things get hard and you stop breathing, things start to collapse. Breathing and pushing the breath through, opens different areas of the brain and literally changes the patterns that have been there forever. Patterns that are like a groove that is continuously imprinted into the consciousness, a habit, a pattern, a pathway in the brain, that happens automatically and the person just follows that.

The whole of yoga is to clear the old pathways, open things up, change the old tendencies that the person picked up in the very early stages of their life. But you have to be very conscious to be able to do that. Once you are aware, you have a tremendous ability to change things when you are under load or under pressure.

Observe, make the breath stronger and don’t get overwhelmed, don’t go into the groove, and just continue with what you are doing. Start to create a new landscape in your consciousness, in your brain. Develop new approaches in your life – uplifting approaches. Approaches that bring freedom and happiness, instead of feeling and being bound, limited and overwhelmed.

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With love,
Rob and everyone at Yogareal

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