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22 September 2021

Hi Everyone

Hope you’re all going well.

To breathe that little bit more deeply and consciously ongoing especially at this time, will ensure that you’re always going well.  This process of breathing more deeply and fully happens to you on a subconscious automatic level regularly during each and every day in your life.


Breathing more deeply happens SUBCONSCIOUSLY in yourself automatically after a SIGH.  The SIGH is a subconscious action in yourself which allows the tensions that have built up in yourself to be released.  Those tensions have been holding on in yourself internally unbeknownst to yourself through whatever you’ve been doing or focusing on and those tensions will stay there held within you.

They need to be released!

Because of the sigh and therefore the very next inhale after the sigh, you take a very deep long slow inhale.  This single deep long slow inhale resets your breathing rhythm and reinstates the status / quality of your breathing and mindset from then on for a while.  Until the same thing happens again – you start to build up tensions, breathe a shorter restricted breath and start to worry and overthink.

So coming slowly out of lockdown, you’re really seeking to take one breath at a time, drop that breath, release it, and go into the next breath consciously.  And the same again…. And then you’ll start to reinstate your whole breathing rhythm, symmetrically, rhythmically and thus clearing any tensions or limitations and enabling you to stay positive and uplifted and on track for your wellbeing and harmony.

This is really going from your sympathetic nervous system to your parasympathetic nervous system ongoing, and keeping both of those systems in yourself active and balanced – for most people, they’re in constant sympathetic nervous system overdrive.

This will all allow you to stay focused on what you’re doing and take one step at a time.  Be in the moment, feel uplifted and come through the transitions that are ahead for all of us.



Lots of Love

Rob and Theresa

🌞 🐚 🐸 💓 🥁 🦋

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