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Today’s Class – Shoulderstand with Ball – 27 June 2021

It’s all happening at Yogareal!  We’re having lots of fun, with lots of respiration, inspiration and innovation.  Working on what’s essential for your wellbeing, harmony, stamina, core strength, stability.  A strong, long rhythmic breath through your nose, therefore strengthening your immune system.  A balanced rhythmic Ujjayi breath through the nose.

And we’re working from the other end of the spine – inverted.  Shoulderstand – considered the second most important of all the postures, known as the Queen of all postures.  Integrating and activating your thyroid/parathyroid, Ujjayi breathing, and clearing all the energies in your head – allowing your whole brain to work in a harmonious, uplifted way. Stimulating the paranasal sinuses throughout your head to enhance activation and generation of nitric oxide, energising your blood flow and stimulating the 100,000km’s of blood vessels throughout your body.

Holding the ball between your feet, and lifting and extending, means you have to continually work your breath more strongly consistently internally while moving, thus feeding your energy from one end of your body to the other in a continuous flow ongoing.

This means:

  1. Your throat has to work more (Ujjayi breathing has to work more),
  2. Your diaphragm has to work more rhythmically, consistently and strongly and
  3. Uddiyana bandha, the abdominal lock that draws your breath up consistantly, rhythmically through your ribcage to uplift and vitalise you physically, vitally and emotionally.

These three – Ujjayi breathing, diaphragm moving consistently and strongly, and Uddiyana bandha) should be working in synchronicity ongoing to keep you healthy conscious and happy.

Also in a comprehensive, lighthearted way, we’re workshopping the relationship between different emotions, on breathing rhythms and patterns, and where and how your different emotions hold tensions in different parts of your physical body.  And conversely, what are the feelings and physical reactions in your body when these are cleared or released?  I’ll tell you – you’ll feel better, stronger, lighter, freer and happier.

So come and join us at Yogareal.

Enjoy yourself.

Uplift yourself.

Understand yourself.

Stay vital, healthy, conscious and happy.


Robert Byrne


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