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We’re Cleaning Up!

All the different vehicles/levels/layers of yourself need to be cleaned, polished and aligned so that you can function properly and be happy, healthy, vital and peaceful.

Then your heart’s open and you’re joyous, and you’re having a ball, whatever you do!

This process is really known as Raja Yoga – King/Royal Yoga, Complete Yoga. Your energy flows to your crown centre and you see life from that ultimate point of view, and live life from that space! Everyone around you, then feels your Shakti or energy of love and fullness, and they want to join in and be a part of it all.

Our new courses have just begun:

ABC – Absolute Beginners Course

Alignment Breath Consciousness

Wednesdays 7-8pm, with Rob

Practical Raja Yoga Course

Thursdays 7-8:30pm, with Rob

See you there!!



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