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Yogareal – Awakening your Inner Presence

Yogareal – Awakening your Inner Presence

2 October 2020

Hi Everyone

Hope you’re all well, remembering to breathe nice and deeply and long and symmetrically through the nose inhale exhale.  Keeping the bottom jaw soft and your face awake and relaxed.
This will keep you very present in your body, vital and uplifted, healthy and happy – attending to whatever you need to do at any given moment in your life.

For all of us it’s a time of patience as we all know.  Patience means waiting.  Waiting is a skill – the ultimate skill.  Without sinking or being overwhelmed.  Sinking means thinking!  And this will mean becoming overwhelmed.  Waiting is really meditation – by breathing, watching and staying conscious.  This is what’s required ongoing at the moment for everyone – particularly in Melbourne, Victoria.

Part of this ultimate skill is of course – not comparing.  Be aware of what’s happening everywhere and around you – but don’t compare.

This of course means you have to be breathing, otherwise you can’t do this, you’ll start thinking and compare.

All of these principles are the difference between the thinking mind running the show or awareness running the show.  Awareness of the Higher principles or Higher Self coming through in yourself.

All of the above is Yoga – proper Yoga – realistic Yoga – Yoga in life – your life – making Yoga a living thing for you.

Yoga means union – your individual self with your Higher Self,  and then allowing that Higher Self to flow out to the universe around you – this is then Universal Self.  All these three have to be working together in synchronicity – your individual self is your personality or the identity of who you think you are, your Higher Self is your guiding light or intuition coming through, and Universal Self is the world around you in a Unified Form.

All of these three themes Individual self – Higher Self and Universal Self appear to be different, however on a deeper level of course, they’re all One.

The position you need to sit in, or the posture, or the asana, is really a psychological asana or position at this stage.  It’s literally where you sit in Yourself.  This needs to carry through ongoing.

The posture, the asana as I’ve expressed is floating – floating sadhana.  Floating with the Universal Life Force or what’s happening in life, and therefore awakening the intelligence in yourself in that moment. Sadhana is a spiritual practice which Unifies.  Sadhana means process/practice/approach/mindset/lifestyle – these are all synonymous terms connecting to different layers of yourself and therefore creating harmony.

And ‘holding the fort’ at the studio is Hanuman – a perfect example – waiting contentedly, happily, for us all to return.

The key to all this approach, the essence of all this approach is when your mind merges with what you do by breathing a long and symmetrical conscious breath ongoing – meditation takes place in yourself and in life, and time dissolves and passes very quickly.

Which is of course what we’re all wanting at this time.

Take care, lots of love, and we look forward to seeing you soon,

Rob, Hanuman and Yogareal Team

Om Namah Shivaya
Thank you Baba
At the Highest Level
All is One
And all of You are One with That
Know That
Find That
Sit in That
Reside in That
and LOVE THAT!!!
Om Namah Shivaya



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