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You are perfect

Hello Everyone,

We had a full room for the Raja Yoga Retreat – such a fabulous group of people!  Everyone was so inspired, expanded and elevated during and after the Raja Yoga Retreat.  We’re continuing to extend these teachings very simply into our classes. The ability to breathe a little deeper and fuller brings about more sensitivity and groundedness and vitality in day-to-day life – which is really yoga.

This happens automatically as your inner Shakti breath /energy in yourself permeates your chakras and enables them to bloom more fully ongoing. Each Chakra represents and expresses different aspects or qualities in yourself.

This is really the female aspect of yourself opening in every way. Then of course the consciousness – the male aspect – that follows is then far more expanded, lighter and harmonious with everything.

Robert Byrne Yogareal


Week One of courses starts this Monday 11 March – YES! We’re open on Labour Day!

We have a new class starting this Wednesday morning 13 March for the earlybirds 6am-7am, Mid-Week Breather, with Alex Jack. So wonderful to have Alex teaching a regular time slot with us again!

A reminder that Alysha Darcy in now taking the Monday 6:15am-7:15am, Monday Yoga and Meditation class, which has also been wonderful.

And Thursday nights 7pm-8:15pm with Rob, is now a Beginners General Class. All are welcome.

And Happy International Women’s Day! A wonderful opportunity for the world to address more sensitive qualities in everyone and allow that to come through for the world in general.

Look forward to seeing you all soon!

Come and see us. Have your life blossom and flower as it should. Let your potential become a reality for you.

Lots of Love

Rob and the Yogareal Team

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