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We’re Up and Dancing at Yogareal


6 December 2020

Hi Everyone

As from today, we can breathe and move more easily and freely at Yogareal.

The Dance of Life, symbolised in the Murti or Statue of Nataraj (pictured above) – is the first One you meet as you enter Yogareal Studio.  And as such nothing really has to be said.  Nataraj conveys it all.  The Dance of Life works on a very intuitive, deep sub-conscious level, but also on a subtle conscious level in terms of your vision and your senses.  Encapsulating the status of Yoga and the status you’re seeking to attain in yourself at Yoga and through Yoga.  Movement, rhythm, lightheartedness, freedom, are conveyed by Nataraj, and of course balancing on one leg, arms and legs outstretched, and surrounded by tongues of fire indicating that life’s not going to be straightforward – it’s challenging and and there’s heat involved, fire – on all levels physically, breath wise, psychologically and emotionally.  However, it’s also a transformative experience.  The Circle indicates the Cycles of Life, and moving in rhythm with those Cycles of Life.

The Ultimate Dancer in Life is Your Self.  Moving more freely in life, breathing in rhythm with the synchronicity of your SoHam mantra – which is your natural rise and fall of your natural breath, under the adversity of life’s experience.

And for quite a while now we’ve had to wear a mask to protect that Life Force in yourself and therefore everyone’s Life Force in themselves.

As from tomorrow the masks are no longer mandatory for students in class, but you’re welcome to use them if you prefer.

So from now on everything should become more enjoyable, more joyous and more lighthearted, and most importantly, communication with others in terms of face and eyes and tuning into subtle expressions.  The heart is indicated by the face and if you can’t see the person’s face it’s very hard to tune into the deeper levels of that person and what they’re actually conveying and feeling.


Time for smooth sailing… consciously….

We’re allowed to have more people in each class, so you can now attend as frequently as you like.  We’ll all need to keep conscious of social distancing so everything flows smoothly, and we continue to look after each other.

Online Bookings are Essential to Attend Classes at Yogareal.

Over the break we’ve connected with a new, simple booking system called Punchpass.

You will need to:

  1. Create an Account
  2. Purchase a Class Pass (if you don’t already have a valid pass or credit remaining from our old payment system)
  3. Reserve your space for each class you’d like to attend
  4. You can cancel your reservation/s if you need to (please do so 24 hrs in advance to avoid being charged for the class).
  5. If you have a busy schedule, and you’re likely to need to cancel at the last minute, better to book on the same day of the class you’d like to attend (at least 1 hour before class starts).

You can access Punchpass on our website via the following links:

Purchase a Yogareal Class Pass
View Yogareal Schedule and Reserve your Space in class

Call us if you have any questions on 0419504831.


And then Santa comes 🎅🏼🎄🌟

As per the sign above, we’ll be open for a lot longer than normal over the Christmas / New Year Festive Season this year because we’ve missed you all so much!

See you soon

Lots of Love

Rob and The Yogareal Team

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