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Friday 12 February 2021

Hi Everyone

Beautiful day.  Due to Government Restrictions Yogareal Studio will be closed until we re-open for the Thursday Night Class at 6:30pm Thurs 18 Feb 2021.

At times like this, the references of everyone’s lives are different to the way their lives are normally.  When this is the case, people in themselves are disoriented, and therefore that tendency of disorientation comes out in their personalities, approaches and communications with other people and their world around them.

It’s more important than ever for each person to consciously breathe deeper more continually ongoing.  And therefore enable themselves to retain a balanced approach to everything and everyone.  Try and allow this time to be enjoyable and a time to make a stronger connection with your Self and your approach to life and people.  And that will then be experienced by everyone and everything you come in contact with.

This appears to be a very small thing, but it’s a massive thing.  It’s really the essence of everything.  Because it’s an opportunity to change tendencies and approaches that are deep in one’s own unconscious mind that really perpetuate habits of continually thinking, worrying, feeling and projecting these feelings onto other people, oneself and life in general.

Over the last few weeks at Yogareal Studio, we’ve been working intensively on lengthening, strengthening and stretching the inner breath, so for each person, there’s ample breath or Prana internally to activate the whole brain simultaneously.  This creates harmony and upliftment under all life’s situations. And the external breath is minimal, so really no energy is lost or expelled. And one’s own immune system is strengthened and invigorated.

Everyone has been doing extremely well and tuning into this process wonderfully in themselves.  With the result of each person being relaxed, conscious, and awakening the whole of their brain which understands and perceives more the bigger picture of life and what’s happening in themselves and in life.

So take care.  Breathe longer and deeper continually ongoing…

Look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Lots of Love

And we’ll see you back in class next Thursday evening onwards…

Rob and the Yogareal Team



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